Christian Patriots Radio with Special Guest Matthew Wiersema Live at 8PM EST: Abolitionist Film 2021

Tonight on Christian Patriots Radio, Daniel and Chris along with special guest, Abolitionist Matthew Wiersema, discuss Matthew’s upcoming documentary “Abolitionist” coming in Spring 2021. Matthew engages the culture through Project Frontlines with the goal of spreading truth about the abortion industry to today’s youth in front of their schools.

Encountering and battling resistance builds strength. The American church that knows little of battle is weak because it does not practice resistance against the world’s resistance against God and his law. It’s like weight-lifting. The more resistance you encounter and battle through, the stronger you get.

The best possible thing an American church small group can do together is get out of the comfortable house and onto the dangerous streets.

There must be a mission to give meaning to the scripture discussed. There must be a mission to give a meaning to your prayers, something greater than your feelings and emotional life. There must be a mission that actually comports with the reality that Christ is king over everything and the omnipotent God who created the universe lives inside of us.

Of course people get bored with how church and small groups are done. We as Christians were created for more than self-centered introspection and use of God as some kind of cosmic therapist for our personal problems. We have been commissioned to take dominion, to produce and multiply, to go out and make disciples of everyone. Scripture refers to us as soldiers.

Oh the irony and absurdity of only ever discussing the mighty and dangerous exploits of the apostles and prophets in a comfy and safe environment where weakness festers as it is actively fostered, where no one knows much of anything about personally engaging in imitating those apostles and prophets.

Hey church, wake up!

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