Buffalo New York Business Owners and Constitutional Patriots Chase Away Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies and Health Department Officials For Trespassing

A hundred or so local business owners got together in Orchard Park, New York to strategize where do they go from here with all the tyranical shutdowns.

Erie County Sheriff’s Office escorted the Erie County Health Department as standard procedure into Athlete’s Unleashed, a local fitness center in an attempt harass and breakup the meeting.

Nicholas Orticelli had this to say “Stop complying with unconstitutional mandates by dictators, enforced by redcoats. This happened tonight and Mark Poloncarz ordered this with Dr. Overtime Gayle Burstein. Please share this and let’s stand against tyranny. Listen to the end, it’s the best part.”

Gym owner Robby Dinero, organized a meeting of local business owners to discuss how to survive the increased New York State lockdown restrictions. About 20 minutes into the meeting, the Health Department showed up demanding to shutdown the meeting.

What you see here are thugs for the Governor and for tyrants. This is your modern day Nazi Gestapo in America. The Erie County Sheriff’s Department sent deputies out to violate the rights of American people who are loosing their jobs and businesses over this “pandemic”. The Erie County Health Department was also present. People need to remember these faces, call the Erie County Sheriff’s Department and hold these unconstitutional tyrants accountable

Erie County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Timothy B. Howard
(716) 858-3292

Erie County Health Department

Gale R. Burstein, MD, MPH, FAAP, Commissioner of Health


Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz
(716) 858-8500

Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots

18 thoughts on “Buffalo New York Business Owners and Constitutional Patriots Chase Away Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies and Health Department Officials For Trespassing

      1. GOD BLESS THESE PEOPLE! Please please please sure the crap out of the sheriff dept and health dept. So much respect going out to what these people stand for. I’m across the country physically, but right there with you in prayer and doing what I can here in ca. I hope thousands show up to stand with them next time. People in their area need to set other things aside and go stand by them.

  1. Amazing, you guys! Way to lead for the rest of the country. Listen, if the cops in your area won’t stand up to Antifa-BLM, they sure as HECK aren’t going to stand up to patriots.

    I am fortunate to live in the free state of Missouri, where with the exception of St. Louis and Kansas City, the police have absolutely refused to allow Antifa-BLM to block traffic or shut down roads. Republicans win elections here with comfortable margins, because most of the population prefers to live in more rural areas, but we all come out to vote.

    When our governor issued the original 30 day emergency “voluntary order”, many people did not wear masks or disrupt their lives, but we’ve had a couple counties that cranked down on people. Well, not my county. We are not going to lock down again, and we are not going to mandate masks, or there will be men in the streets with rifles. We showed up the last week of the emergency order at the state capitol to make it clear the governor would not overreach his authority. Me and 3,000 other Missourians showed up, most of us armed, to send a clear message.

    Mike Parson continues to clearly push back on lockdowns and mask mandates. Counties are making noises again, but it’s not going to be tolerated. You guys are setting a fantastic example. Keep standing up, and help free the rest of your state.

  2. I think there needs to be interrogations at every level to find out, “who gave you orders to lock people down and force them to wear masks?” Then find out the next guy up the line until we find out who gave the original orders.

  3. They should have dismissed the “health official” and allowed the sheriff to stay for proper training on constitutional rights. The sheriff is on our side, he/ she just doesn’t know that yet. We need to befriend the sheriffs of every county. Reach out to them. Invite them to meetings. Show them that you are not in anyway criminals, and that crime can indeed be committed by people in authority. The greatest authority, however is the individual law abiding citizen. Good job at standing your ground. Now look to include, not exclude the sheriff.

  4. I think you have very valid reasons to stand up to the police and the DOH. One suggestion though, don’t name call the people oppressing you. Just state the facts as you know them. The only labels you need to apply here are American citizens were meeting to discuss the lock-downs killing our businesses.

      1. Falling into their two party dialectic trap doesn’t benefit us. All the tyranny of the past 8 months was done with a Republican Senate & presidency both controlled by the permanent, unelected, bureaucracy working for billionaires/trillionaires. Every elected politician needs to face trial if involved with supporting medical tyranny along with policy/decision makers in the entirety of the pharmaceutical-industrial-complex. We’ve got thousands of traitors to arrest.

  5. We need to get to the root of the cause which is, to hold all our NY Senate and Assembly representatives and other officials like the health Dept etc. accountable. “It is imperative that the State Legislature returns to Albany now to repeal Governor Cuomo’s extended powers that gave him the ability to impose crippling restrictions on New Yorkers”…These tyrannical, draconian edicts that violate and trample on the rights of individuals, businesses, families, friends, and religion. are completely illegal.

    Please explain to your NY State Assembly and NY State Senate that they are all accessories to these violations of our US Constitutional rights.

    Substantively, no government entity in America has the lawful power to curtail natural rights like our First Amendment freedom to gather, conduct business, freedom of religion, etc. taken, by decree.

    When the federal judge rules in favor of “We the Citizens of NY”, Will sue the individual official, the agency that the official works for, the city, county, or state level representatives that allowed this to occur, to the maximum amount possible by law. Please review:

    ( 1.) TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    ( 2.) TITLE 42, U.S.C., SECTION 1983

    We all need to write, e-mail and phone all these accessories to the violations of our US Constitutional rights!

  6. Title 18 US Code Sections 241 and 242 “Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law” and “Conspiracy against Rights” – 1 year and 10 year Prison/Felony – Acts leading to Death are DEATH SENTENCE. Cuomo needs to be EXECUTED under Title 18 Section 242, for Deaths due to his UNLAWFUL Orders/Executive Order/Mandates/Regulations – which ARE Color of Law. Police which follow his Orders, saying “We are just following Orders”, once informed of Title 18 have no claim of “Good faith” and are therefore held liable and subject to 10 years Felony in PRISON, for “Conspiracy against Rights’ section 242. The LAW is the LAW.

  7. So where are the Constitutional Lawyer’s or any attorneys that are worth there salt that can file in Federal court under Title 18, Section 241 & 242 & Title 42, Section 1983?

    I will pledge my support to help fund them and take all NY State government criminals and other individuals that act on their behalf, like the health department individuals who have no athority bestowed upon them over our US Constitutional Rights and that includes the Shariffs that do not live up to their sworn Oath of Office to the Constitution of the United States.

  8. In the UK, we the people have began a private procecution against the Secretary of State for Health for his actions in this scamdemic..
    We are at the his moment awaiting our Crown court issuing a summons & an arrest warrant on him to hold him to account…
    This BS won’t stop until “They” are personally held accountable.. not their office, not their department..the person..

    1. Alan,
      The actions you describe are admiral and correct to go after individuals to make them accountable for their criminal actions. I believe also we need to go after the entrenched public supported institutions that allows these criminal activities to continue by their decree. The entrenched blatantly violate our US Constitutional rights and we need to STOP them getting away with it? In

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