41 Kindergartners Quarantined at Glenpool Public School After One Student Tests Positive

Glenpool Public School is requiring 41 people to quarantine after a middle school student tested positive for COVID-19.

Guess who else will be quarantined? The families! The local and state governments don’t want this “virus” to go away. They want to control the masses to to be good little slaves and will use it for thier gain.

Get ready for mandatory vaccinations for your children before they step inside a classroom. This fits right into the main vaccine control agenda. If you ever needed a time and reason to homeschool your children, now is the perfect time.

The public educational system is a tool for socializing and indoctrinating kids into whatever the currently accepted standards of behavior are. Lately, those standards have begun to approach depravity at their worst or condition everyone lockstep into “politically correct” ideals at their best.
Even well-intentioned teachers are hammered with administrative tasks, required texts, and overcrowded classrooms. Home schooling eliminates those issues all together. You can determine children’s actual educational interests and let them focus on them at their pace, whether fast or slow, to truly learn and master their interests.
While the public education system has rapidly worsened, homeschooling support and educational tools have increased and improved. Homeschooling is for any family who’s willing to sacrifice for their childrens well being and education.

Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots

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