Video: My Trip to Costco Without a Mask – Be Encouraged and Defy Tyrants

Some great points to think about.

“Why do we think making masks mandatory will stop the spread of Covid when obviously it didn’t keep it from starting in China, despite their already having a practice of wearing masks in public? Not only did it not keep it from spreading in their own country but it couldn’t even keep it from spreading to the rest of the world!” Caytie Davis

“Its spread just as much in Burka wearing Islamic countries.” Jason Storms

“So, if masks are so effective at protecting against Covid, then why haven’t people been allowed to advocate for hospitalized loved ones? Why are people suffering and dying alone? Why are nursing home residents languishing with no visits from loved ones? Why are jail ministries halted?” Gwen Boutwell

This is about controlling the masses and preparing the sheeples for a vaccination/tracking and tracing.

“Just wear a mask!

What if wearing a mask is actually making everyone sicker?

I will say it again, wear a mask if you want to. It might make you feel like you are actually doing something good and noble. But please just stop your mask shaming.

Stop making others feel guilty and trying to coerce them into doing something they know or believe to be harmful to themselves or those they love.

By Patty NY

Christian Patriots

One thought on “Video: My Trip to Costco Without a Mask – Be Encouraged and Defy Tyrants

  1. So with this ill fate on the horizon what is God telling his people to do ? Any ideas ? I mean what are we doing remaining in the cities and suburbs? We are just sitting ducks ready for capture. Where is any one pointing to us the way out of this nightmare? The fema camps are ready to deal with the enemy combatants, yes that’s anyone who dares to fight back,to not comply. Where are the called out christian communities? Everyone contributes to the welfare of each other.
    I’m seeking God for that , because life as we have known it will not be ever coming back ! Our country is on the way to becoming like China!

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