Thousands of Coronavirus Deaths ‘Will be Wiped Off the Government’s Official Toll’ After Urgent Review Into Counting Fiasco that Included People who had Recovered and Died of Other Causes in the Toll

Thousands of coronavirus deaths are set to be wiped from the government’s official count, it was claimed today.

Academics found Public Health England’s methods meant ministers count victims as anyone who died after ever testing positive for Covid-19 — even if they were hit by a bus after beating the disease months later.

It would’ve meant that, technically, no-one could ever recover from the virus and all 265,000 of England’s confirmed patients would eventually have had their deaths attributed to the disease.

The blunder could see up to 4,000 deaths removed from England’s official toll of 41,749, according to reports. One of the leading experts who uncovered the flaw told MailOnline his ‘best guess’ was that more than 1,000 people have had their deaths wrongly recorded as caused by Covid-19.

Written by Connor Boyd Health Reporter For Mail Online

Full report at Daily Mail

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