Survey Shows Christians’ Desire for Pastors to Address Abortion, Homosexuality, Persecution From the Pulpit

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A survey conducted by D. James Kennedy Ministries, now led by Frank Wright, and sent to the ministry’s supporters, shows that the overwhelming majority want their pastors to address modern sins from the pulpit, such as abortion and homosexuality, as well as other current issues, such as persecution, the role of government before God and support for Israel.

“The results expose a hunger inside the church for pastors who will tackle tough topics — who will connect the dots between what the Bible teaches and what is happening in the world,” Wright said in a statement.

When asked if abortion “is an issue your pastor should address from the pulpit,” 98% said yes. When asked the same about “sexual identity,” 96% said yes. 88% and 80% respectively said that the topic is important to them personally, and 90 and 93% said that they know enough of what the Bible says on the issues to be able to communicate it to others.

99% agreed that persecution and religious liberty is a concern that should be discussed from the pulpit, but only 67% said that they know what the Bible says on the topic to be able to explain it to others.

Written by Heather Clark

Full report at Christian News

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