Should Vaccines be Mandatory? The Constitution Clearly Protects The People’s Choice and Rightfully so

The topic of vaccines is a hot one that causes much division. Social media platforms like Pinterest have even gone so far as banning users from even searching for vaccines claiming the posts “spread misinformation”.
There is even talk of making vaccines mandatory on the federal level. The head of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb, has stated that if states do not adjust their lax vaccine laws, that the federal government would have to step in.
This is concerning for many reasons. First, to give the government that kind of authority and control over our lives is utter insanity and reflects a kind of servile mentality that is thoroughly un-American.
Second, I offer the following stats. The average teenager spends 10 hours a day listening to music. The average American male will have spent 10,000 hours playing video games by age 21, that’s about 13 hours per week. The average high school boy watches 2 hours of pornography every week, much of which has become laden with sexual violence and other bizarre and disturbing things. Psychologist Philip Zimbardo claims that today’s young men are destined for failure because of porn and video games.
Suicide, drug addiction, violence, brokenness, and abuse plague the lives of millions of American youth, largely due to parental negligence. Kids are feeding on these destructive things daily. These toxic influences are a far greater threat than unvaccinated children.
Maybe you believe vaccines are good and everyone should have them, so you do not speak out. Now vaccination is mandatory and no one has a choice. What if they then seek to make it mandatory that you have to unplug all the electronic devices in your home? Or what if they said all babies with down syndrome must be aborted? Or that have to have chemo if you are diagnosed with cancer instead of being able to search out alternative treatments? Would you be okay with any of those?
Does the thought of that make you a little uncomfortable? That is because it would be tyranny. It would be the end of medical freedom. An article for the Ron Paul Liberty report puts it like this, “voluntary and informed consent are essential in securing individual rights, and without it, self-ownership will never be respected.”
Mandatory vaccines are clearly unconstitutional as they are a violation of the 4th and 14th Amendments; “The right of the people to be secure in their persons”.
If we allow the government to overstep their reach in one area, who is to say they wouldn’t do it again? So please, don’t tell someone they have to be forced to inject something into their children.
We have many avenues to pursue to educate people and change their mind toward all kinds of different behaviors. I don’t like the perverse and dangerous things my children have to be exposed to, but I dont get the government to force everyone to parent the way I want. This is part of how free societies function.
Just what’s in a vaccine? Please visit the CDC website for all the details. Here’s a list of several vaccines and what they consist of per the CDC website.
Written by Daniel Crane
The Citizen Media
Hat Tip Jason Storms

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