Batavia, NY, Residents Want Sanctuary for Pre-born Rather than Illegals

Recently Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and other New York lawmakers fulfilled their promise to sign into law RHA-3824. The law, titled the Reproductive Health Act, sponsors a “woman’s choice” to destroy the life of her child and instructs health care providers to sever the life of the baby up until birth. It has also stripped other protections for unborn babies. Andrew Cuomo has legalized infanticide in the state of New York.

Over the past month, residents of Batavia, New York, have been attending the City Council Meeting to speak for the unborn and have urged the City Council to declare Batavia at sanctuary city of the pre-born.

Ann Scalia, organizer of the event, said that after what’s transpired in Albany regarding abortion as well as the conversations at recent city hall meetings here in Batavia, New York, she thought is was important to put actions to her words.

Their goal was to have conversations with the public and let them know that there are places around Western New York for them to go instead of having an abortion. We had representatives from All Babies Cherished Pregnancy Assistance Center and Light House Station available to speak with those who walked up and passed by the clinic. Caravan Ministries was also available across from Planned Parenthood to pray with and talk with those who wanted to.

Several men, women, and children came out to support this event and were there willing to offer advice and support. Members of Abolish Human Abortion of Western New York were also there calling for the complete abolishment of abortion.

The Save Our Babies rally was to let the community know that this is how many feel regarding abortion. We wanted people to know there are options out there and that we will not stand for the murder of our innocent children. Our hope is to make Batavia, New York, a sanctuary city for the pre-born. 

Ann Scalia

Over the years, cities around the country have defied the law and declared themselves “sanctuary cities” to protect illegal immigrants. Sanctuary city jurisdictions that harbor and shield criminal illegal aliens from deportation by federal immigration officials continues to grow nationwide. This is a list of current sanctuary areas in New York State, according to the Center for Immigration Studies: Albany, Franklin County, Ithaca, Nassau County, New York City, Onondaga County, St. Lawrence County, and Wayne County.

Instead of protecting illegal immigrants, however, Batavia, New York, would be protecting pre-born babies from being murdered. Declaring Batavia a sanctuary city for the pre-born would make it impossible to receive an abortion within the city limits.

Planned Parenthood stands to profit from states that allow late-term abortion, as the following video shows. Have you ever wondered what happens to babies that survive abortions? Residents in Batavia want to take a stand against these atrocities.

The notion that abortion equals freedom is just another lie fed to the masses by the mainstream media, left-wing politicians, and their puppet masters. Pushing the narrative that Planned Parenthood is a “healthcare provider” is just one arm of the pro-abortion propaganda charade.

Here is a fact: when an abortion occurs, a baby gets the death penalty for the actions of someone else.

Our Declaration of Independence states three rights which human beings possess: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And as watchmen of the once Republic, we will always defend those words, which includes those who cannot defend themselves.

Written by Dan Crane
The Citizen Media
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