Trump’s rejection of racism well-documented.

Despite current accusations to the contrary, President Trump has an over 30 year record of rejecting racism.

1986: Trump, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali Receive ‘Ellis Island’ Award

As the New York Times reported on October 16, 1986:

Eighty Americans from 42 ethnic groups were named yesterday as recipients of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor by the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation.

The medals will be presented to the recipients, all either naturalized or native Americans, at a ceremony Oct. 27 on Ellis Island. That is the day before the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, the final event of the 1986 Liberty Centennial observances.

The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations presents the awards based on “integrity, passion, gravitas, humanitarian and ethnic heritage.”

If Trump’s a racist, why would he accept an award alongside civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks?

1991: Trump “Hates Seeing” What David Duke Surging in Politics Represents

In an interview on Larry King Live on November 19, 1991, Trump said he “hated seeing” what the strong political support of white nationalist David Duke meant in Louisiana, which was suffering a deep depression at the time.

KING: Did the David Duke thing bother you? Fifty-five percent of the whites in Louisiana voted for him.

Mr. TRUMP: I hate –

KING: Four hundred New Yorkers contributed.

Mr. TRUMP: I hate seeing what it represents, but I guess it just shows there’s a lot of hostility in this country. There’s a tremendous amount of hostility in the United States.

KING: Anger?

Mr. TRUMP: It’s anger. I mean, that’s an anger vote. People are angry about what’s happened. People are angry about the jobs. If you look at Louisiana, they’re really in deep trouble. When you talk about the East Coast – It’s not the East Coast. It’s the East Coast, the middle coast, the West Coast –

KING: If he runs and Pat Buchanan runs, might you see a really divided vote?

Mr. TRUMP: Well, I think if they run, or even if David Duke- I mean, George Bush was very, very strong against David Duke. I think if he had it to do again, he might not have gotten involved in that campaign because I think David Duke now, if he runs, takes away almost exclusively Bush votes and then a guy like Cuomo runs- I think Cuomo can win the election.

KING: But Bush morally had to come out against him.

Mr. TRUMP: I think Bush had to come out against him. I think Bush- If David Duke runs, David Duke is going to get a lot of votes. Whether that be good or bad, David Duke is going to get a lot of votes. Pat Buchanan – who really has many of the same theories, except it’s in a better package – Pat Buchanan is going to take a lot of votes away from George Bush. So if you have these two guys running, or even one of them running, I think George Bush could be in big trouble.

A Feb. 16, 1989, article from the New York Times explained more:

With a runoff election set for Saturday to fill a seat in the state House of Representatives, David Duke, the 38-year old former grand wizard of the sKnights of the Ku Klux Klan, and John Treen, a 63-year-old long active in the Republican Party, are both predicting victory.

On the surface, the race in this New Orleans suburb may look like a throwback to an uglier era of racial politics in the South. In fact, almost everything is strikingly contemporary about Mr. Duke – from his ease in front of the television cameras, to his blend of carefully couched racial issues and antitax fervor, to the deep-seated frustrations he is tapping amid Louisiana’s depressed economy.

If some of his support reflects blatant racism, much of it comes from working people convinced that politics as usual has failed to serve the white working class.

It’s ironic how the New York Times was more fair to David Duke than Trump was.

1997: Anti-Defamation League Praises Trump

On April 30, 1997, the Wall Street Journal reported on Trump’s purchase of the famous Mar-a-Largo club in Palm Beach, Florida, and how he opened up the club to Jews and African-Americans, putting him at odds against rival clubs in Palm Beach:

The culture clash began to approach a climax last fall, when Mr. Trump’s lawyer sent members of the town council a copy of the film “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” a film that deals with upper-class racism.

Mr. Trump then approached the town council about lifting the restrictions that had been placed on the club. He also asked some council members not to vote on the request because their membership in other clubs created a conflict of interest.

Last December, after the council refused to lift the restrictions, Mr. Trump filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Palm Beach, alleging that the town was discriminating against Mar-a-Lago, in part because it is open to Jews and African-Americans. The suit seeks $100 million in damages.

The former head of the ADL, Abraham Foxman, showered Trump with praise, as the WSJ reported:

Mr. Foxman seems pleased that Mr. Trump has elevated the issue of discriminatory policies at social clubs.

“He put the light on Palm Beach,” Mr. Foxman says. “Not on the beauty and the glitter, but on its seamier side of discrimination. It has an impact.”

In recent weeks, Mr. Foxman says, the league has received calls from Jewish residents telling of how Palm Beach clubs are changing.

2000: Trump Calls David Duke “a Bigot, a Racist and a Problem”

During a NBC interview aired on Feb. 14, 2000, Trump blasted Duke when explaining why he was leaving the Reform Party:

MATT LAUER: When you say the Party is self-destructing, what do you see as the biggest problem with the Reform Party right now?

Mr. TRUMP: Well, you’ve got David Duke just joined–a bigot, a racist, a problem. I mean, this is not exactly the people you want in your party. Buchanan’s a disaster as we’ve, you know, covered. Jesse’s a terrific guy who just left the Party. And he, you know, it’s unfortunate, but he just left the Party. He’s going to be doing his Independence Party from Minnesota. And he’s a terrific guy and a terrific governor, and he’s got a great future. And I’ve always said, Matt, that I would run if I thought I could win, and in order to win…

LAUER: Not only the nomination, but the presidency.

Mr. TRUMP: …the whole thing. I don’t want to get 20 percent of the vote, I think I could, and I know I could get the nomination. New York wants me. Texas wants me. Many of the states want me. And they’re, you know, they’re rather devastated because they don’t like the alternatives. I always said, and I said to you if you can win the whole thing, you can only win the whole thing with a totally unified party.

2008: Trump Helps African-American Jennifer Hudson After Her Family is Murdered

Jennifer Hudson, a singer who rose to prominence after an an appearance on American Idol, suffered an immense tragedy when three of her family members were murdered.

In the aftermath, Trump offered to put up up at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago free of charge, as reported by NBC:

“They are safe,” Trump told People on Monday night. “She’s a great girl and we’re protecting them well.”

According to E! Online, Hudson has been staying at the hotel since arriving in Chicago on October 24 – the day her mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson, were found murdered, and her nephew, Julian King, was found missing.

Since checking into the hotel, the Oscar winner and former “American Idol” star has rarely left the hotel.

“She is still in shock,” a source told E!. “She hasn’t gone out much at all and has a lot of security around her.”

2015: Trump Doesn’t Want Duke’s Support

About two months into Trump’s campaign for the White House, he publicly said he didn’t want Duke’s support.

According to CBS:

Trump was asked Wednesday about Duke’s praise, and he distanced himself from the white supremacist.

“I don’t need his endorsement; I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement,” Trump said during an interview with Bloomberg News on Wednesday. “I don’t need anyone’s endorsement.”

When he was asked whether he would flat-out reject Duke’s support, Trump replied, “Sure, I would if that would make you feel better.”

He wasn’t surprised by Duke’s kind words, however.

“A lot of people like me,” Trump explained. “Republicans like me, liberals like me. Everybody likes me.”

2016: Trump Disavows Racist Elements of so-called “Alt-Right”

Not long after winning the presidency, Trump disavowed the racist elements of what the mainstream media termed the “alt-right.”

From CNN on Nov. 23, 2016:

“I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the group,” Trump told a group of New York Times reporters and columnists during a meeting at the newspaper’s headquarters in New York.

“It’s not a group I want to energize, and if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why,” he added, according to one of the Times reporters in the room, Michael Grynbaum.

There you go, an exhaustive list of how President Trump has disavowed racism over three decades, as documented by contemporary mainstream media outlets.

Ironically, establishment “fact checking” sites, ran by opinion journalists larping as objective reporters, have tried to downplay  the examples above, but all they’ve done is ruin their own credibility.

“…Most ‘fact-checkers’ are merely liberal journalists looking to prove their preconceived narrative,” wrote the Washington Times’ Kelly Riddell. “They cherry-pick the statements to ‘fact-check’ and then decide which data to back it up with.”

“Statistics can be manipulated — for every study coming out of the Brookings Institute, the Heritage Foundation can have a counter argument, depending on the methodology and surveys used. Moreover, much of what they decide to ‘fact-check’ is subjective at best… nothing that can be pinned down with undisputed data.”

Written by Kit Daniels


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