It’s Time for Christians and Patriots to Engage the Militant Agenda of the LGBTQ Movement

It’s time for there to be a serious push back against the militant agenda of the LGBTQ+ Movement. These people are wreaking havoc on society. It is everywhere. Every flag, every commercial ad, etc. Men dressed like women and women like men, fighting over bathroom rights, or for children to have the right to choose their gender. This insanity is becoming normal. 

As the shock is starting to wear off it is starting to become a normal part of life. We cannot tolerate such things. It is time to call evil what it is and stand against it. 

We cannot worry about offending people, or being called homophobic, intolerant, etc. There can be no terms of acceptance with this propaganda that attempts to equate gender-confusion as a norm. 
These people are by definition sexual deviants. Their entire lives revolve around sex. It is twisted and sick. They are determined to sexualize even the most innocent of things. 

The LGBTQ+ has claimed that Prince George is now a ‘Gay Icon.’ They have taken an innocent photograph of this 4-year-old little boy expressing excitement over getting a ride on a helicopter and turned it into a perverted fantasy of him being a icon for a life completely defined by sex. He is a child! 

These sick perverts look at a 4-year-old and immediately think of sexuality. It is disgusting and clearly a mental disorder. They seem to be seeking justifications for their own delusions from the most innocent. 

It is time to protect our children! The LGBTQ+ are grooming our children with the power of suggestion, trying to influence them to grow up interested in homosexuality. They have gone so far to force this sick ideology into elementary school education. It is despicable.

This is why Christian parents need to be in control of their childrens education. The public schools are incubators for this propaganda, moral depravity and violent rebellion against God. Science is simple. There is XX=FEMALE and XY=MALE. 

If LGBTQ+ is going to have any part in our history it should go back to Sodom and Gomorrah, and it should be under the mental disorder chapter in our psychology classes. It has gone too far. We cannot tolerant it. It has become a matter of survival for Christians.

Written by Jake Eakin

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