Battle Ready Homestead: It’s Summer, Open Phone Lines and Discussion. Live Every Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

If you ever meet me in person you know sometimes I can be a chatty kathy. Well lets just talk today. Lets see what comes out. Topics from friends? Messages with questions? Or maybe just me ranting. I am not really sure what is going to come out today. I can talk about ideas rolling around in my head. Or you can call in and tell me what you think of the show and if you even listen? Join Me on Battle ready for just a summer fun vacation radio show. 

To listen to the show visit or click the following link to listen to the archive later. You can also listen by phone. The Call-in Line to listen is (646) 668-8952, if you have question and wish to go on the show Press #1, this indicates you want to join the conversation. 

By Heather Gulley

Christian Patriots

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