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Join us today for an update on the situation in Downtown PA. Abolitionists, Conner and Lauren Haines have recieved a ton of attention, both supportive and negative. They’ve been contending with cyber bullying, threats of violence and extreme vulgarity all over social media. All this the fallout from the afternoon in front of STEM academy.


Here’s our report: Assistant Principle Caught on Video Telling Teens to “Go to Hell” with Aborted Babies

There they were met with aggression and vulgarity, by the Assistant Principal Zach Ruff, when they attempted to exercise their First Ammendement rights on a public sidewalk in front of the school. Now that AP is on paid administrative leave for his, to put it mildly, unprofessional behavior. What do the students, parents and faculty have to say? We also discuss ACHA as it relates to abortion, and we can’t help but to touch on the misled call to defund Planed Parenthood.

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By Rachael Haggerty

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