There’s really only one thing that most people expect the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to do, and that is capturing and deporting illegal immigrants. In reality, their powers and responsibilities are much more broad than that, and their activities can easily effect the lives of American citizens.

That’s what the Torres family learned when their Chicago home was raided by ICE agents on Monday morning. The agents were looking for their son who was wanted on weapons related charges. The father, 53-year-old Felix Torres, was shot in the arm after the agents claim that he brandished a weapon. They apparently found two weapons in the home, but nobody knows who they belong to.

It turns out that the Torres family are American citizens who have lived in the home for decades. Nobody is sure why ICE took an interest in the family, or why their son wasn’t taken in by the local police. And the family has told a radically different version of the events that led to their father being shot.

According to Felix’s daughter, Carmen Torres, “My dad doesn’t got no guns. My dad just went to see what’s going on and that’s why they shot him. He just opened the door and they shot him.”

Whatever the case may be, what is indisputable is that American citizens have yet another armed government agency breathing down their necks. Regardless of your political persuasion or how you feel about illegal immigrants, that should keep you up at night.

Written by Daniel Lang

The Daily Sheeple

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