Abolish Abortion Texas Conference and Mission February 24-27, 2017

Abolitionists from around the nation join abolitionists in Texas to call for True Repentance, Immediate Interposition, and the Total Abolition of Human abortion in the state of Texas on February 24 – February 27.
Please do all you can to join the many men, women and children who will be in Austin Texas. Find all the details here at Abolish Abortion Texas Conference and Mission. You also can register for the Abolish Abortion Texas conference and campaign February 24th-27th here.

We are not just commanded to preach the Gospel, we are also commanded to be salt and light, love our neighbors, expose unfruitful works of darkness, and practice pure and undefiled religion! 

Jesus told us the evidence that would be manifested in our lives that shows we know Him. It was not just a profession, it was not just being a part of a church, it was not just reading your bible, or paying tithes. The evidence would be seen in the way we love our neighbors as ourselves; especially those who are most helpless and oppressed among us. Do You Love Your oppressed pre-born neighbor? Now’s the time to put your faith into action and stand up for the oppressed and demand abortion be abolished. 

Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots


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