Taking the State to the Next Level? ‘As Long as You’re Not a Preborn Child in Indiana’

“I will be squarely focused on our legislative agenda. That’s what I’ll be focused on, not potential bills that aren’t related to taking this state to the next level.” – Indiana Governor Elect, Eric Holcomb, Pence-Endorsed, Pro-Life Republican (Speaking about The Protection at Conception Bill backed by Hoosiers For Life)

Ending the murder of over 8,000 unborn Indiana citizens isn’t considered “taking this state to the next level” by Indiana Governor Elect, Eric Holcomb. But Holcomb ran on the platform that promised to “protect Indiana’s vulnerable citizens.”
Write Eric Holcomb: Office of the Lieutenant Governor
200 West Washington Street, Room 333Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797

Call Eric Holcomb: (317) 232-4545

Email Eric Holcomb Here 
Contact Eric Holcomb on Facebook

Contact Eric Holcomb on Twitter

Abolish Human Abortion 

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