Raising Awareness in Front of The Abortion Mill Known as Planned Parenthood

Daniel Crane, abolitionist and founder of christianpatriots.org, held an event outside Planned Parenthood in Batavia, NY to expose abortion and how it affects the community, the mother and father, and the people who perform them. 

We don’t necessarily identify with the pro-life movement.  Pro-life means regulation on abortion.  We are calling for the total and complete abolition of abortion. 

The definition of parenthood is a father or mother who nurtures and raises a child.  Everyone knows that Planned Parenthood is in the business of making money through the butchering of babies.  This completely goes against what the definition of parenthood actually is.

We came out here today to shed light on this darkness.   Many believe that abortions do not take place here at the Batavia location, but murder by the pill is happening right here in our community.

What’s the answer to stopping this great culling occurring right here in Genesee County?  The churches of Genesee County need to rise up and raise awareness on the sin of abortion in our community and show love for our neighbors.  Go out into the community and show them how we love our neighbors as ourselves.  Jesus told  his followers that the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself and that his followers will be known by their love.

Daniel Crane and  ChristianPatriots.org  are willing to be there for the community and want to be contacted should anyone decide that abortion is the only answer.  It is their hope that no child be sacrificed and if there is anything he can personally do to help anyone on the fence about abortion please reach out to him via email at danielcrane@gmx.us or contact us by going to ChristianPatriots.org and we will do all that we can to help. 

We are not out here to condemn anybody.  We are out here to help.  To shed light on this situation and let people know there is hope and forgiveness in Christ Jesus, but we need to call it what it is.  Murder.

Although abortion is murder we want to stress that there is forgiveness of this sin, whether on the part of the mother, father, or the one who performs the abortion.  There is hope.  There is forgiveness.

Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots

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