Map Of Likely States Targeted For Attack – FBI, DHS Issues Joint Warning For Civilian Targets In The U.S.

Heads up ladies and gentlemen – The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a joint bulletin to law enforcement nationwide on August 31, 2016, indicating that terrorists are most likely to target “civilian” venues such as restaurants, theaters, churches, and sports arenas, rather than law enforcement, military and government locations, due to “soft targets” being preferrable because they have lower levels of security, according to CBS News.

There are a couple of interesting points to made about the report, specifically how it references “homegrown violent extremists, and ISIS inspired terrorists,” without mention of actual trained ISIS operatives that are already on U.S. soil, having infiltrated the Refugee Resettlement Program as they did in Paris before the simultaneous attacks in 2015 which resulted in the death of 130 people with another 360-plus being injured.


What made it worse? Sunday’s revelation that at least one of the Paris terrorists who killed more than 120 people on Friday entered Europe as just another face in the crowd — embedded in the current wave of Syrian war refugees. The development appears likely to fire up the security debate over what to do with them.

With the news that in June 2016 the U.S. accepted a record number of Syrian refugees, “despite screening worries,” and that by the beginning of September the Obama administration had “hit its goal”  of admitting more than 10,000 Syrian refugees, to which only a small fraction of which were not Muslim, we are looking at the likelihood of hundreds if not thousands of ISIS members and/or supporters having already been imported into America.

Via Fox News:

Of the 10,801 refugees accepted in fiscal 2016 from the war-torn country, 56 are Christians, or .5 percent. A total of 10,722 were Muslims, and 17 were Yazidis.

It is not speculative to assume ISIS members have already infiltrated the west as we note reports that even the CIA Director, John Brennan has admittedknowledge on the part of the U.S. government that ISIS has targeted the refugee program in order to to enter the U.S., and has been for some time.

The attacks in Paris, France in 2015, showed how these civilian venues can be targeted in a series of coordinated attacks by ISIS terrorist, as targets included a football match, a theater, cafes and restaurants, so it behooves us to understand that despite the Obama administration’s FBI and DHS terminology of “homegrown violent extremists, and ISIS inspired terrorists,” which doesn’t put any particular focus on locations the most likely to have had actual ISIS members imported into, we feel it prudent to highlight the latest map which could indicate areas of the U.S. most likely to be “target states.”

On August 30, 2016, NBC News highlighted the top destinations for Syrian refugees, publishing a map of a state-by-state breakdown of Syrian refugee arrivals from 10/01/2015 to 7/31/2016, from data obtained by the State Department Bureau of Population and Refugees and Migration.


According to the NBC News report where the map above was obtained, the state that has received the most Syrian “refugees,” was Michigan, in or around Detroit, and a reminder of of why we believe focus should be on states that have had the most Syrian refugees (and ISIS members who infilitrated the refugee program) is shown in the video below, published on June 14, 2016, just two days after the Orlando, Florida attack at the Pulse nightclub. Video is titled “Isis In Dearborn, Michigan Celebrating! Radical Islam is here in the USA! Celebrating Orlando Attack.”

Below we see that we are not only importing jihadists, but we are training them as well – Former paramilitary unit commander of the Tajikistan armed forces received his battlefield training from American advisors and even came to the United States on several occasions to receive special counterterrorism training through the US State Department’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program. – Truthfeed

Written By Susan Duclos 

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