The Day of The Lord Will Soon Commence

We are living in the last days, the rulership of man will soon come to an end and the day of the Lord will soon commence. As we see, man in rulership cannot even determine if a man is a man or a woman is a woman, and enabling men to marry men and women to marry women, the bible calls this abominable to God and confusion because God is not the author of it.

The coming of Jesus Christ is inevitable so it’s futile to prevent it. By the time Jesus returns the world will be so steeped in darkness that His coming will be absolutely blinding due to the purity of His light. On that day, everyone will bow the knee, every ideology, laws of men, fluidity, crooked ways, perversions, injustices, godlessness, religious ecumenicalism, etc… will all be done away with, only Jesus Christ will reign as King of kings and His true righteousness will stand as law.

In the mean time Christians, prepare to face serious persecutions because as lawlessness is passed, we who hold to the laws of the Bible will be viewed more and more as the enemies. These things should not come as a surprise because it is all written, these things must first come, keep firm in Christ without compromise, it ain’t gonna be easy but it’s the way we aught to be for God’s glory, fear God and repent.

Written by Michael Mensah  

Christian Patriots  

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