Pop icon Beyonce invokes “urban terrorism” in a new music video which appears to rally people behind the notion of unprovoked violence.

In a video for “Hold up,” the controversial star – whom Obama once labeled a great “role model” for children – destroys businesses, smashes car windows and sets off explosions as kids cheer on in support.

The music star has previously been accused of using her songs, videos and performances as veiled encouragements of unlawful violence, with many asserting her latest super bowl half time show purposely portrayed police in a negative light.

Earlier this year, several law enforcement entities called on agencies across the country to boycott the star following release of the video for her song “Formation,” which some have called a “black power anthem and call to arms,” and its subsequentperformance featuring militant Black Panthers at Super Bowl 50.

Beyond that, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z – along with NGOs chaired by billionaire Nazi collaborator George Soros – have been accused of helping fund the divisive “Black Lives Matter” movement, and affiliated groups which frequently encourage violence against police, white people and Trump supporters in general.

By Infowars


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