Hillary Clinton Says Amen to Banning Guns in Cars by Executive Order

In a group discussion in Hartford, Conn. Hillary Clinton watches on as one of her supporters rants about executive action, banning guns in cars. Here what he had to say. 

“We need you to be able to use your executive powers to legislate that you can’t carry guns in cars, you can’t bring cars in buildings that are not assured to carry them,”

He also had this to say about Charlton Heston.  

“We need executive powers to say we will fight for life and not kowtow to the sons and daughters of Charlton Heston,”

When the gentalmen was done speaking Hillary commented “let the congregation say, ‘Amen,’”

Hillary is a Globalist who wants nothing more to disarm the people and if she is selected by the Globalists to be the next President, she will be coming for the guns. 

Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots

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