Your Local Pastor, Church and Hillary Clinton Are Bringing Terrorists Into the United States

The best work in the country on the Refugee/Resettlement Program is being done by Ann Corcoran. Some are familiar with her stellar work, most are not. I hope to change that fact.

Here is Corcoran in her own words…

“Previously we learned that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Societyno longer wanted to be known for being Hebrew,see here. They are now HIAS!

(ED. Note: Here we see a Lutheran organization being turned into a Luciferian organization overnight in order to process unscreened immigrants from regions of the world that hate America).

“And, here we see a Lutheran organization dropping the Lutheran and changing its name to reflect a broader image—they will be called Samaritas…!”

“I can only dream it was because the ACLU finally began to take notice of the separation of church and state issue with these federal ‘religious’ resettlement contractors being almost exclusively funded by taxpayer dollars.”

‘Here is the brief news storywith the nonsensical explanation for the name change which took place today:

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) – One of Michigan’s largest social service and refugee resettlement agencies is changing its name to better reflect its mission.

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan has been leading the way for bringing refugees here to escape conflict. Tuesday they are holding a state-wide celebration to usher in their new name. They will now be known as Samaritas…”

***Illegal by the way according to the US State Department, see here.”

The Syrians Coming Into America Are the Direct Result of Clinton’s Tampering

Here is a storythat nails Clinton for facilitating the Jihadi invasion of Italy and then the rest of Europe.

At one point in time, deposed and murdered leader of Syria, Col. Gadaffi, was trying to block this illegal Jihadi invasion of Italy. Clinton actively opposed the Libyan leader on the point. This is one of the reasons he was taken out by the US and NATO. Here is a 40 second clip when Clinton gets the news that the Libyan leader was murdered by U.S./NATO backed forces with help from Middle East terror groups on the ground.

What was happening there, is now happening here. Where are the “needy” children”.

This is a stunning report which details how the Christian church is helping to facilitate the Muslim invasion of the United States in a manner similar to what is happening in Europe. And at the genesis of it all stood Hillary Clinton.

The Traitor We Call Hillary Clinton

Let’s cut right to the chase. In previous articles, I have documented how Hillary Clinton is responsible, through Uranium One, for facilitating the theft of minerals off of BLM land, including uranium, and selling to the Russians. The Russians in turn receive this uranium, which could be turned into nuclear weapons that could be used against the United States. Clinton is recieving the money in the name of the Clinton Foundation and is using this money to run for President. The New York Times first reported this story. I followed up with more detail.

About a month ago, I republished some of Hillary Clinton’s emails that were classified but were read and transmitted on her own computer, in a violation of Federal law. Journalist,Aaron Klein had received these emails through FOIA. In the emails, Clinton was caught transmitting the physical movements of Ambassador Stevens before his death. Doesn’t this make Clinton an accomplice to murder after the fact?

Now, some researchers and myself are finding evidence that Clinton is ultimately behind the Jihadi invasion of the United States by unscreened  immigrants from Syria and Somalia. Please remember that the FBI has stated that they estimate that 10% of all Muslims are radicalized. Radicalization is a nice word for terrorists. In Paris, seven ISIS terrorists paralyzed the entire city. It took three ISIS terrorists to do the same Brussels. And America is importing tens of thousands.

The Death of America Will Come Through the Refuge/Resettlement

At the heart of the resettlement of well-meaning and deserved refugees are radicalized Muslims who mean us harm. Yes, I am talking about the same mindset that has invaded Europe and we see act after act of terrorism and criminal behavior.

At the hear of the resettlement are private, for-profit organizations who are masquerading as churches involved in a humanitarian cause. When in fact, these churches who are actually for-profit ventures that have taken over the “Christian function” and are selling America out under the guise of Christian humanitarian causes. Catholic Charities leads the way, followed by the Lutherans and the Episcopalians. And of course, a strong case can be made that the Pope has sold out American Catholics with his indefensible plan on Muslim immigration and his notion of how the middle class is expected to accept and fund this invasion.

Here is an excellent video which details how the church has been taken over to facilitate this Jihadi invasion of the United States under false pretenses.

The video reveals the complicit parties beginning at the seven minute mark.

If this clip, capturing her sociopathic personality, does not send chills up an down your spine, you need to watch it again. When President Clinton decides it is time to send you to a “Fun Camp” (i.e. FEMA camp), maybe you should think a little harder about supporting Donald Trump so this monster can be stopped short of the White House.

 Written by Dave Hodges

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