Look At This Map! Majority Of Wal-Mart’s Closed In ‘Conservative, Southern States’ – More Proof Martial Law, FEMA Camps & Total Collapse In Our Near Future?


Last year across a few southern states in America, several Wal Mart stores were suddenly shut down for ‘plumbing problems’ and when no plumbing permits were found being pulled and other ‘oddities’ emerged surrounding the closings of these stores, conspiracy theories sprung up almost immediately. Believed by some that the stores were being turned into ‘processing centers’ for the ’rounding up’ of US patriots and ‘red listers’, others believed we were only witnessing a ‘practice run’ for the ‘real thing’ to come at some other moment in time. The 1st video below takes a look at that theory and this ‘other moment in time‘ that could be now. Newly released by ETprepper, the video is called “Wal Mart Store Closings And FEMA Camps: Economic Collapse And Martial Law Soon?”

With Friday’s announcement of 154 Wal Mart stores across America being shut down, if we include Wal Mart Express, Supercenter’s and Neighborhood Markets, all owned by WalMart, we see an absolutely astounding number of stores closed in southern states compared to northern states as seen in the maps in this story. The list below does not include the stores in Puerto Rico nor Sam’s Clubs being closed – for a total of 143 stores. The store closure list is broken down as such.: 

9 stores in Alabama, 1 store in Alaska, 11 stores in Arkansas, 9 in California, 2 in Colorado, 1 in Connecticut, 3 in Florida, 7 in Georgia, 9 in Kansas, 2 in Illinois, 8 in Louisiana, 1 in Maryland, 1 in Michigan, 4 in Missouri, 6 in Mississippi, 1 in Nevada, 1 in Ohio, 2 in Oregon, 17 in North Carolina, 6 in Oklahoma, 3 in South Carolina, 5 in Tennessee, 29 in Texas, 1 in West Virginia, and 4 in Wisconsin.

Why are so many WalMarts being shut down in southern states? If we look at the list above, 130 of the 143 locations in the US might be considered ‘Southern states if we consider California, Colorado and Nevada ‘southern’. Why would nearly 91% of the shuttered stores be in those states, states also largely considered politically ‘Conservative’? Compare the map below on the left showing southern states to the map below on the right showing northern states; why such a huge difference? You can check out the full interactive Zeemaps map of Wal Mart closings embedded at the bottom of this story.



Is it also just a coincidence that 2015’s ‘Jade Helm’ special forces ‘exercises’ were being held across many of those same states with Texas figured prominently in both ‘Jade Helm’ and the huge number of store closings seen in the maps above and below? While some will argue vociferously that nothing came out of ‘Jade Helm’, the fact remains, 91% of the WalMart stores being shut down in the next several weeks are in states not too fond of the Barack Obama government and states where governor’s and sheriffs have warned of civil war if Obama attempted to illegally disarm the American people.  

Why have they closed so many stores in Texas? 29 WalMart stores in Texas are being shut down including Supercenter’s and Neighborhood Markets. Is it just a coincidence that Texas Governor Gregory Abbott has been so outspoken towards the Obama administration over his administration’s total disdain of the US Constitution, still the supreme body of laws in the land?


With the recent announcement by Judicial Watch that Arab smuggling cells exist in Mexico and they’re likely bringing ISIS terrorists up into America via those means we have to ask, will these newly vacant stores be set up to be processing centers for ISIS terrorists in America? Or, will these vacant stores be set up, using all of the knowledge gained last summer, as processing centers for ‘red listers’ and US patriots whom the government is concerned may in the future want to become involved in a ‘civil war’ against the ‘new world order’? 

We also take a look below at the Wal Mart closing map on the left compared to the 2012 election map to the right.



Market Watch story also took a look at the map of closed WalMart stores as seen in the screenshot below. 

Walmart Express stores are marked with blue icons; WalMart stores: red; Supercenter stores: purple; Neighborhood Market stores: green; Amigo stores: yellow; Sam’s Club stores: orange


While ANP is at the moment unable to confirm for sure that this theory is true, it bears watching now that we are in the final stages of collapse and so many have warned of civil war and terrorism in America. 

The videos below take a look at the Wal Mart store closings from politicians reactions in the 2nd video below, the Dollar Vigilante looks at the current state of the economy in the 3rd video and in the 1st video, our videographer asks if all of these closings are tied to FEMA camps, martial law and the forthcoming collapse of our economy. In the final video below, we take a look at the strange significance of the number ’69’ recently with the deaths of David Bowie, Alan Rickman and the unfolding demonic agenda we’re now watching in America.

Written by Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline

One thought on “Look At This Map! Majority Of Wal-Mart’s Closed In ‘Conservative, Southern States’ – More Proof Martial Law, FEMA Camps & Total Collapse In Our Near Future?

  1. I wrote in my book (The SHTF Art of War) That some people are not cut out to be the lonely hero on the road with their trusty rifle and survival bug out bag. I say be the first one at the FEMA camp gate to get a top bunk. In a major disaster, millions of people will have no other choice but to seek out help at a FEMA recovery center. Let’s say you’re one of the legions of people who can’t afford a year’s supply of dehydrated food or a tricked out assault rifle with 2,000 rounds of ammo. You can’t raise sheep, rabbits or plant a garden. You know nothing about stacking gold and silver coins and couldn’t afford it if you did. Maybe, just maybe, a FEMA camp is the thing for you.
    For one thing, it’s a lot cheaper. You don’t have to waste your time and money on prepping. You can have a “prepper peace of mind” and enjoy the now, knowing you have a FEMA camp plan in place for a SHTF event. After all, things are really bad and it’s a matter of survival at this point. Starvation and disease always follow a major disaster.


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