Mysterious String Of Suspicious Events Continue Towards Potentially ‘Massive Main Event’ After 43 More Propane Tanks Are Stolen In Philadelphia And Terror Expert Warns: ‘ISIS Jihadis Could Cripple America’


They (ISIS) might not be able to take down the whole country, but they can take out New York, Washington, Chicago (or) L.A. That’s not alarmism. That’s not fear tactics. That’s a fact.” Terror analyst Erick Stakelbeck for the Christian Broadcasting Network. 

Back on December 15th after ANP learned about a series of stolen propane tanks, large cell phone purchases and mysterious game parts purchases by Middle Eastern men in middle Americawe also told you about a favorite weapon of choice being used in the Middle East right now: ‘hell cannons’ and a warning these parts could be being used to create the same weapons here to be used against Americans. 

Continuing the string of mysterious events, we learn below of several more ’causes of concern’ for Americans as more propane tanks are stolen from a major US city and new threats are made by a leader of ISIS against major targets across the world while one expert warns that, while not an existential threat, ISIS could ‘take out’ an entire US city… leaving, an America that was ‘crippled’. 

Created using the cannister end of a propane tank as one of its components, ‘hell cannons’ are known to cause great devastation for a ‘homemade artillery’ and can be fired at targets at least up to a mile away, another reason we take seriously the recent warning given by terror analyst Erick Stakelbeck and reported on WND that ‘ISIS jihadis could cripple America’

Erick Stakelbeck is a terrorism analyst for the Christian Broadcasting Network and author of “ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam.” He said Obama’s implication is troubling.

“He fundamentally misunderstands the nature of the threat. He does not understand terrorism, especially of the Islamic variety. He doesn’t get it,” Stakelbeck said. “The Islamic terror threat has already changed our way of life. If you don’t believe me, just go to an airport.”

And while Obama may be right that ISIS cannot topple the U.S. government, Stakelbeck said it could do a whole lot of damage.

“If ISIS or another Islamic terror group gets their hands on a weapon of mass destruction, which they are working diligently to acquire, they might not be able to take down the whole country, but they can take out New York, Washington, Chicago (or) L.A. That’s not alarmism. That’s not fear tactics. That’s a fact,” Stakelbeck said.


With national capitals across Europe now on extremely high alert after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS threatened European capital cities with a series of massive attacks between Christmas and the beginning of the new year, we learn that in our own backyards in America in the ‘city of brotherly love,’ Philadelphia, law enforcement is on the lookout after a very large number of propane tanks were stolen at locations across the city.

Dozens of propane tanks were also reported stolen from several locations in Independence and Lee’s Summit, Missouri, earlier this month.

Around the same time, managers from five Missouri Walmarts alerted law enforcement about Middle Eastern men purchasing large numbers of untraceable disposable cellphones from their stores.  Several law enforcement agencies in Missouri have reportedly notified the FBI about the bulk purchases.

Also in Missouri, a group of Middle Eastern men aroused suspicion in the Ozarks a few weeks ago when they asked locals if they could rent a boat and tour the the area’s hydroelectric facility.  Local law enforcement forwarded the security tip regarding Bagnell Dam to the FBI and a joint task force on terrorism.

In Goldsboro, North Carolina, police recently arrested four men from New York  “and charged them with felony larceny after an officer spotted them leaving a Lowe’s Home Improvement store with hundreds of plumbing supplies.”


Continuing this string of suspicious events we can watch the thefts in action ourselves in the 2nd video below showing the surveillance footage of these thefts, at least 4 people appear to be involved using two different vehicles, a dark colored van as well as what appears to be a white SUV. Is this a situation where people with terroristic intent are gaining access to materials to assemble ‘hell cannons’ or do they have something ‘less lethal’ in mind? A total of 43 tanks were stolen in Philadelphia, 24 ‘forklift sized’ and another 9 that were 100lb tanks. 10 more were 50lbs and below. 

If any of our readers in the     Philadelphia area recognize the vehicles seen in the 2nd video, please help to solve a crime and possibly stop a terror attack in America via contacting the police tip line at 215-686-8477 or text a tip to PPDTIP (773847). 

Philadelphia police are trying to find a man who stole 43 propane tanks from two industrial sites in the last week, and have alerted their Homeland Security unit of a possible terror threat just in case.

Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum says the Homeland Security unit has been alerted because of the number and size of some of the tanks taken “out of an abundance of caution.”

Police have also released surveillance video showing two men pulling up to one of the businesses in a Ford Escape and a 1990s Dodge or Chrysler minivan.

Police say some of the tanks could hold as much as 100 pounds of propane.

Lt. Rosenbaum says police just “want to make sure it’s nothing sinister. Right now we’re treating them as industrial thefts, unless we come up with something else.”


Will ISIS soon carry out terror attacks upon the West? Are all of these mysterious thefts and purchases in preparation for carrying out attacks here? According to some experts there is little that can be done to stop more ISIS attacks upon the West and with a continually open door for refugees and whomever might be mixed in with them,we see the clock ticking towards ISIS ‘main event’ and can only pray for the safety and vigilance of Americans and our law enforcement and other 1st responders across the entire country.  

Several video reports below including an update on ‘hell cannons’ in the 3rd video as well as the 1st video which breaks down these recent thefts and this suspicious string of events happening across the country. 

The message below from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi carries a new warning for the West.:

The leader of the self-declared Islamic State issued a defiant message to the West, warning “crusaders” not to dare fight on his turf.

“Be confident that God will grant victory to those who worship him, and hear the good news that our state is doing well. The more intense the war against it, the purer it becomes and the tougher it gets,” he said.

He also called on Saudi citizens – the second biggest contributor to Isil ranks – to “rise up” against their government as he dimissed the kingdom’s newly formed Muslim coalition against the caliphate.

He also said Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) would soon be in Palestine to establish an Islamic state there. “Jews, soon you shall hear from us in Palestine which will become your grave,” the voice, purporting to be Baghdadi, is heard saying.


Written by By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline

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  1. This is noteworthy…but, in many places, especially where I live if there are propane tank thefts it is usually by users and sellers of meth-amphetamines!

    1. I forgot to mention that they have stolen some very large ones here. They drove off with them and sold them off on the market.

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