‘Illegal Humanity’ Armed Don’t Comply Activists Break The Law To Feed Homeless In Dallas


DontComply.com made an announcement on December 8, 2015 and by the 20th their second annual “Feed The Need” event began, where members were asked to “warm the backs and the bellies of the homeless in Dallas.”

Dallas is still hiding behind their city ordinance to only allow people that jump through their silly hoops to feed the homeless. We will not reduce ourselves to asking permission to show compassion. We will be feeding the homeless and handing out coats and winter clothing.

Activists are encouraged to gather up or purchase winter clothes to include blankets, hygiene items, winter weight socks, beanies, jackets and gloves and prepare for distribution on December 20th.

On their initial announcement they made it clear that “this is, as always, an Open Carry event.”

They set up their tables outside the Austin Street Shelter and fed hundreds of homeless, providing them with food, snacks and beverages as well as warm Winter items that were donated by members.

According to MintPress, shortly after the event began “code enforcers from the city showed up to serve them paperwork and insist that they get a permit,” in order to comply with City Ordinance 29595, which was passed by the Dallas City Council and is dated 12/02/14, which makes it illegal to feed more than 75 people without a permit and paying an associated fee…. yes, the city requires people wanting to give charity to those less fortunate, to pay in order to do so.

Living up to their name, Dont Comply, they refused and continued to feed the masses, offering them full bellies and warmth for the Christmas season.

In early 2014, NBC News had revealed that up to 33 U.S. cities have adopted or are considering adopting “food-sharing” restrictions.

Police in at least four municipalities – Raleigh, N.C.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Birmingham, Ala.; and Daytona Beach, Fla. – have recently fined, removed or threatened to jail private groups that offered meals to the homeless instead of letting government-run service agencies care for those in need, the advocacy group reports.

In one of those cases a 90-year-old World War II veteran Arnold Abbott, was busted twice in Fort Lauderdale Florida for handing out food to the homeless.


Every city in every state should have people like these Dont Comply activists, willing to stand up to those that would make it illegal to help the less fortunate, those that would require any form of payment whether it is paying for a permit or any associated fee, just to offer help to those with no home. 

The U.S. government continues to use tax dollars to provide welfare to many that abuse the system, not all abuse it, but many like the “welfare queen” you will see in the second video,  who makes it clear that with government EBT and free money and services, who would want to work in America she asks.

There is something seriously wrong when the government  can  force taxpayers to “help” people like the welfare queen, but states can make it illegal to help those forced to live on the streets.

H/T Brett Sanders

Compare the people above being fed and clothed, who are grateful for a warm meal or a sweater and jacket for the cold nights, to the “woman”

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