GOP just committed financial suicide for America… $1.1 trillion spending bill is final blowout of a fiscally insane empire built on debt


(NaturalNews) The GOP just committed financial suicide for America, approving a 2,000 page, $1.1 trillion spending bill that gives away everything and adds hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt.

With the debt already approaching $20 trillion, America is rapidly accelerating toward its own inevitable financial collapse as irresponsible government spending vastly outpaces government “revenues” (taxes on workers and businesses). The GOP establishment — which promised to fight this runaway spending — went right along with the financial blowout, gladly joining with Democrats in a spending spree blowout that can only be supported by the artificial creation of yet more fiat currency.

No money to protect the border, but millions to bring in more refugees

Notably, the $1.1 trillion Omnibus bill has no money to build a border fence, but funds tens of millions of dollars to bring in more refugees, some of whom are terrorists that murder Americans (a la San Bernardino).

It also increases foreign worker H-2B visas by 400%, allowing more corporations (like Disney and Apple) to replace American workers with lower cost foreign workers. Essentially, this move will accelerate the destruction of the American middle class, sending an ever-increasing number of Americans into joblessness and poverty (which is exactly where the Democrat party wants them).

The Washington establishment, in other words, just sold out the American worker… both blue collar and white collar. Instead of spending money to invest in America, the political status quo is now wholly sold out to corporate interests and willing to sacrifice America’s working class to secure financial support from powerful, globalist corporations.

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Written by Mike Adams
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