The Hard Reality of The Lucifarian Agenda


Ask the hard questions. That is what is on our plates today. The what ifs have divided and separated friends and families, races and religions. Who controls this world? Have you got an answer? Who is going to feed your family if the store shelves are suddenly empty? What will you do, as Christians, if forced to denounce it through extortion? Will you let your family members die to honor God or will you fold? Do you think the New World Order will  risk destroying the earth to depopulate the wold of 80% of the population as stated in their plan for Sustainable living? Do you think commerce and profit is more important to the Global corporations than the sustainable living mandates of the plan of agenda 2030?  Do we still have an America to fight for or has it been gone for so long we have nothing to fight for? If SHTF do we leave our stores behind and head for the hills or hunker down and risk the chip and join the global hoard. Yes, the hard reality is these are the questions we must ask ourselves.


The next thing of importance to American citizens is if we knew what was in store and they plan to kill off 80% of the world’s population by 2030, then why should we try to survive a year or two, only to become slaves and most surely be killed within 15 years? I was cornered by a close friend today asking me this very question. If I believe what I am saying is true, then why am I prepping if I know I will most assuredly be one of the first ones they are going to try and kill. This was my reply to him.

When the worldwide De-population plan goes into effect, I feel the most casualties will be here in America because of our freedom minded thinking. We are the last nation on earth that has any free minded individuals. We are also 70% Christians. More Christians per capita than anywhere else on earth. For this reason alone we must survive and protect the Christian population as long as possible.

Another point I want to make is this. I fully believe we are in the end times of humanity here on earth. Evil, in the form of Lucifarian men who do his work, are in control of everything worldly. Everything, but our freewill. Once the anti-Christ is reborn out of hell and the real New World Government is in place, all Christianity will be under attack. Prophesy teaches us that we are toward the end of Satan’s reign on earth. But after the New World Order is in place with the anti-Christ at the head there will be three and a half years until Christs return. I do not enter in to the debate of rapture because it really doesn’t matter to believers. Those of us who are without sin or absolve-able sin are so few, I doubt any of the people, I know, will be worthy of rapture anyway. That is just the nature of the world we live in. So I am more concerned with protecting as many Christians as we can.

Lets get to the first Question…Who controls the world? There is no simple answer here. In my opinion, we have to back to the beginning of recorded history to answer that question. In the beginning the Sumer nation rose after the flood called Nimrod. First, what does the name Nimrod mean? It comes from the Hebrew verb marad, meaning “rebel.”  Nimrod is in the region which is now Ethiopia. This was also the area called Mesopotamia and the region of Cush. Nimrod was ruled by the disgraced son of Noah.

Thus “Nimrod” may not be the character’s name at all. It is more likely a derisive term of a type, a representative, of a system that is epitomized in rebellion against the Creator, the one true God. Rebellion (evil) began soon after the Flood as civilizations were restored. At that time this person became very prominent.  So if you want to know how evil came right back into play right after the flood then it is through the illegitimate blood line of Cush banished son of Noah, who go all the way back to before the flood and descended from the rebellious fallen angel Enki’s seed.

So we can follow this blood line of blood thirsty kings, rebellious to God’s word, all the way to modern man. These men belong to a secret (not so secret that I don’t know about them and you haven’t heard of them ) the Illuminati. They have representatives from all great nations that have ties back to this bloodline, that believe they are as gods. Literally. These men control the wealth and have great influence over wars, economies, religions and money. They are the ones behind the scenes that pull all the strings.

These men have underneath them councils that do their bidding and work as liaisons in all world governments and have always throughout history. These councils include the United NationsThe VaticanThe British CrownRussian AristocracySaudi Kings,Emperors of the Orient and Japan,Zionist Jews and the Free Masonsto name a few. All have their own marching  orders handed down to them by the Illuminati.

The term Illuminati was only coined to keep the more secret society from being exposed so on May day 1776 Johann Adam Weishaupt founded the “Illuminati”in the Electorate of Bavaria. This was just a front for a society that had ruled earth secretly for thousands of years defying God’s word and commandments. Behind the veil so to speak. Deeply involve were the Zionist Jew.

The Illuminati created the monetary system of all governments and created the Central Banking empire. The ones who run that empire are only hand picked men who they chose. IE,Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Oppenheimer, and Rothschild.These are only the front men powerful enough to hold those positions without being interfered with, when in actuality, they answer to a higher power than them, if you can imagine that. They also control businesses such as the Carlyle Group who finance both sides of every conflict supplying killing machines, warheads and bullets.

Every evil thing that goes on in the world that you hate, they are behind. But the root still goes back to Enki and the Sumer ancients. Anytime you chase the rabbit down the hole it will always take you back to Enki or fallen angel or commonly know as Satan or Lucifer. The Illuminati are all Lucifarians and work for the destruction of everything good. That does not mean they don’t use the battle between good and evil. They actually enjoy exploiting good hard working people for their own gain, monetarily and power wise. See, good and evil are not just ideas, they are beings. God the Father and Satan always battling for supremacy. So enough about who controls the world. We will move on.


What is the goal of Agenda 21 or now Agenda 2030 simplified? This will give us more insight into what we can do if the plan is to become in our face or the term when SHTF. Agenda 21 outlines a plan for sustainable living. It calls for the population to be at a certain number by 2030. In concerns with America, the power elite Illuminati plan to reduce our population in those 15 years from 325 million to 69. 11 megacities will house all 69 million of those citizens. UnderAgenda 21 also known as the New world Order America is no longer a sovereign nation but a conglomerate including Mexico and Canada. There will also bemegacities in Mexico and Canada, also. So don’t think about running to our neighbors, as they face the same genocide. Now you can see what they have in store and what they might plan to do to make this happen in a short 15 or maybe 20 years.

You know, damn well, if this was to become news, then they would no longer have the men to build this plan so we are kept in the dark and run off on some goose chase to point fingers at other nations or other religions being our enemy, when in actuality, the enemy is right before our very eyes. Well, not exactly, but we know what they are just, not, a who, we can take out easily. And unless you know who Satan or the Anti Christ is, then you cannot cut the snakes head off to stop His worshipers. Just like you can’t destroy a corporation by taking a few of its companies out. The council or board still exists. Thus the corporation just restructures and remains.

So, as you see ,the plan to run for the hills is futile. We all may buy a bit more time if we all had places out in the country, but the food and game will become scarce in quite a short time. Banding together makes easy targets for the UN forces who will come to disarm America. We all individually must think realistically. They will come in tanks and armored Humvees and bullet proof vests. There are many of our families who would not survive a wilderness setting nor any kind of battle with UN forces. Some of us will be caught in the machine and some of us will be classed as dissidents and enemies of America because of our love of freedom and our faith. We will be exterminated or forced to build these mega cities. Very few of us will be classed elite. Most will be communist workers building themega-cities, with a little better comforts, but still virtually slaves to the UN.

The UN is the name we will call the New World Order or Global Government throughout the rest of the article. The UN blue hat troops, in my opinion will be, multinational. Mostly consisting of an already conquered society of Red Chinese and Russians. They have no compassion and only follow orders explicitly. That is why this can happen in America. Our Government officials have been bought in hopes of their families protected from the demise of the hoards that will be killed or enslaved. The UN will do everything in their power not to destroy the world in the process by trying many different methods of depopulation. who really knows which one will work.

So, from the grim picture I am painting, it seems like I want you all to throw up your hands and give in. Well, destiny of each individual is determined by his faith and his strength and resolve. The UN will not do this easily as we are freethinkers that love our freedom. We will not give in without a fight. They will remove our police protection after economic collapse and leave us to the thieves and wolves to devour us slowly. they will cut off our monetary system and stave us into submission. as we get hungrier and weaker we will run to the soup lines and then we will be numbered and housed and put to work. Most will see them as saviors. But remember they still have the same plan depopulation. They will use you and then kill you when you have outlived your usefulness or you give them trouble.

Next to the issue of faith. Under the New World Government The conglomerate globalism will be worshiped. all other worship will be disallowed. They will make you take your religious texts and give you a new religion. It will seem like God worship but it will have a very pagan earth worship twist to it.  Christianity and all other faiths will be outlawed. All one or none at all. I do not know exactly for sure how this portion is planned out. All I do know is Christians are the main enemy of this evil for this evil has always been the enemy of God. It is one in the same as it always has been from the beginning. You should not expect anything different  than history has always been.

I do not know if they will try to use extremist Islam as the new religion but under a similar sharia type law you could very well scare a population into submission the same as Islam is doing today all over the world. At least half of Islam or the Muslim world is fundamentalist or extremists. They all hate Jews and Christians and if the UN powers keep letting them do what they please they will do most of the killing before they have to lift a finger and be blamed for the genocide. That way they could keep some people who would not otherwise buy into their plan. This, I see continuing to be a problem, right after they finally take the majority of guns away from the citizens. Radical Islam will be pumped full of arms and explosives by the CIA to take out a regime here in the US called Patriots. Just like they armed ISIS to take out Assad. Nothing different here. Same people same empty soulless intentions. No regard for human life at all. One must die for the many ideology.


I believe America is still worth fighting for. Our destiny is not easily planned and the end may be stalled for years, if we all stand together. The fact that we are so divided is because we all do not define who the enemy is. Because we have this, so called, freedom of worship, we cannot all believe in the entity called Satan who is calling the shots. Most Christians accept Jesus but do not believe Satan exists. They tend to think Satan is just an excuse for man to call, his bad choices, to do bad things. Those that do not believe in Satan on earth as an entity have just not studied history and in fact, want to do the sin that makes them happy in hopes that, because they believe in Jesus, they are covered by God’s. God is not Gracious and God is nothing but Just. It is only through faith in Jesus that we can receive his mercy.

What America is doing socially is taking us back to the days of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah. Unfortunately not enough of us believe it was anything but a story. Atheists don’t believe it happened at all even though there is scientific proof it happened. The Zionist Jew that owns all of Hollywood production companies and news agencies do all the PR work for the Illuminati Lucifarian agenda. these are the things I seek to expose everyday on the web and as long as I can access I will spread as much truth as will be heard until it goes away for good.

These are the reasons I will fight until my dying breath for Jesus and God’s commandments. Forgiveness is defined by not taking vengeance on another human for doing you wrong. If we fight this battle with a vengeful  heart we will most certainly not win for God but for selfish man. This is the good fight to protect God’s people and God’s love. So give in if you must. Don’t believe that Satan is behind the New World Order and the UN. Lay down your arms if you believe so strongly in peace. Be gay if you want. Cross dress if you want. Have sex with goats if you want. Do anything ya like. It is not me you have to answer to.

Remember one thing. There is only one way to keep us from not being taken easily and turned to Utopian communist globalism. It is providence. America would not be America if it weren’t for providence. God’s hand must be in our fight and the fight must be for God’s people or we just fight for the same master( Satan) and all that will occur is death.

Agenda 2030

Summary of Agenda 21 outline

Written by Daniel Cummings
Christian Patriots

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  1. GOD Bless You Daniel. The Holy Spirit led me to your site awhile back. I only follow blogs that are Christian-based. If God’s not a part of it, I don’t want it. I have received so much insight from you. There is no doubt in my mind that you are indeed led by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for not being afraid to speak the truth! May God richly bless you as you endeavor to do His Will. Keep on Keeping On! God Bless †

    1. Thank you so much Colleen! That means alot to me and the crew here. The day we don’t keep God as the foundation of what we’re doing here at Christian Patriots I pray that God would strike is down. I’m watching events unfold and as a watchmen, I’m required to sound the alarm. Thanks for your kind words, came at a timely moment! God bless you Colleen and please drop us a line from time to time.

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