Are These Sickening Videos More Proof ‘End Times Are Right Here, Right Now’? They’re Preparing America To Go Down In Flames


Imagine this hypothetical situation for a moment if you will…a group of children and cheering adults sitting around at a grand-opening party of a restaurant with a pinata the likeness of Barack Obama on it hanging by a rope at the end of the stick. The children are attempting to ‘decapitate’ Obama-pinata or at least bust him open to get all the ‘goodies’ inside. Finally decapitating Obama-pinata, wild cheers go out…they victoriously hold up his chopped off head. 

While such a scenario might not guarantee a visit from the FBI or Secret Service, the mainstream media would likely be all over it as hateful and insensitive and label the participants as bigoted racists. Protests would immediately take place against the restaurant and twitter hash tags established and pounded upon by the PC-keyboard warriors.

If that pinata was a Donald Trump pinata however, as seen in the pictures in this story and the 1st video below, we’re almost guaranteed not a peep out of the MSM nor anyone labeling the participants as racist or doing anything wrong at all. In fact, we see behavior such as this as normal and accepted as part of the twisted PC agenda.  

As Jim Hoft tells us at Gateway Pundit, with kids screaming “I want to kill him!”, all of this is part of a staged celebration featuring dancers in a bid to ‘stop hate’. Seriously. Has Trump turned the world upside down? 


With even a leader of the American Civil Liberties Union recently calling for the killing of any Trump voters pre-emptively, we have more proof everything has turned upside down and as seen in the videos following ‘Trumps beheading’, we’re shown what ‘peaceful’ Islam is teaching THEIR children. 

We clearly see why Americans should be concerned about the ‘widows and orphans‘ and endless stream of fighting age men that Obama is allowing to flow into the country and as the final video below from TRUTH SHOCK TV shows us, every day we’re getting more signs that ‘end times are right here, right now’.

Why are children being indoctrinated to not only hate but take out their anger with bats and knives? 

In this day and age of absolutely deadly political correctness, labeling Islamists as terrorists ends you up on the wrong side of the ongoing PC agenda but it might just keep you and countless others alive. However, as Susan Duclos proved to us yesterday, those who will stop at nothing to harm us are anything but ‘politically correct’. If our enemies aren’t focusing on ‘love and kindness’ as Hillary Clinton recently called ‘the answer’ to this problem, why should Americans be? 


Even though Islam is continuously called ‘the religion of Peace’ by the PC-left, we take a look at reality in the next 2 videos below, eye-opening looks at a ‘peaceful’ Islamic ceremonies. Imagine for a moment if you will the same kind of ceremony taking place in the West – let’s be serious, wouldn’t something like this warrant a visit from child protective services? With children shouting ‘allahu akbar’ and the 2nd video below showing an obvious ISIS flag hanging in the background we have to ask, are these videos more proof we have nothing at all to worry about as Barack Obama’s ‘widows and orphans’ warning implied or just the opposite



While we’d love to believe that Islam is truly a ‘religion of peace’, we see that even Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez warns that up to 20% of Muslims believe violence is appropriate to use against others if they feel their religion is being insulted. With radical Islamists having among the most brutal human rights record in the world we have to ask, why is it that the PC-left supports these brutal and horrific crimes against humanity committed in the name of religion?

Each and every day we see more and more signs that we have reached prophetic ‘end times’ and as the final video below from TRUTH SHOCK TV proves for us, what the left sees as a possible coming socialist utopia has been tried before and history has proven that the outcome is always much less pleasant than had been hoped for.

Comparing what we’re witnessing now unfolding in America to what happened in Germany prior to the executions of millions and one of the most brutal regimes of all time, this 30+ minute documentary takes video clips from history to the present day to show America where we’re now heading as long-warned prophecy appears to be unfolding before our very eyes.



Written by By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline

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