Christmas: Should you or Should you Not Celebrate it?

christmas-crib-figures-1060026_640The other day I stumbled upon this article about whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas.  Many people have argued both sides of this issue.  Many will take some Old Testament Scripture of which were directives under the LAW.  Are we STILL under the Law?

There is no doubt that satan has take what was once a very humble celebration into a big money making GREEDY idolatrous sinful celebration where the STORY of “Emmanuel, GOD WITH US” is lost. We can absolutely dig up all the pagan roots and slap a scripture on it and say SEE!! Trust me I know, as I was affiliated with Jehovah’s Witnesses for awhile in which I rid my family’s life of EVERYTHING “Pagan” in origin.  And while we are at it, if you are against the celebration of the Birth of Christ, the retelling of that story from generation to generation, then you need to ditch Easter, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Secular National Holidays, ALL festivals of the Old Testament and so on. Make no mistake, though, your idols can also be money, cars, homes, vacations and even self.

I have come full circle with all the ideology of the season’s celebrations, and so has my perspective. Do we bow down to “idols” on the one day that is assigned to celebrate the COMING of our Lord and Savior, Emmanuel, GOD WITH US? Any true Christian is fully aware that December 25th is NOT the birth of Jesus. But, it is a SEASON in which everything around us is dying and fading away. The trees wither, the leaves fall, and there stands an evergreen in our midst to remind us that God is always new, ever ALIVE, never dying and fading away, but becomes more beautiful in the cold dark days of winter.

Can the lights on that tree sparkle more brightly than a snow kissed pine that glistens in the rays of the rising of the morning sun? Can any ornaments be as beautiful as cardinals that perch among the pine cones?  My husband’s grandmother said that cardinals are red because when they saw the suffering Lamb of God on the Cross that they tried desperately to remove the nails from his hands and feet to free Him and they were covered in His Blood.

Candy canes? Are they a forbidden food on your diet or do they remind you of the Good Shepherd’s hook, white with purity and striped with His blood to redeem you back to His flock?

Are the lights around your home just an attempt to be the “Kranks” on your block or does it fill your heart as a reminder that Jesus is the LIGHT of the world?

Do you tell your children of the best gift that isn’t under the tree?  The gift of salvation?  The gift of God’s only son as a ransom for your sinful life? Do you share the stories of the birth of Jesus? Do you find joy in helping others and use that opportunity to SERVE and TELL the lost and broken about the hope that was born into this world over 2000 years ago?

Yes, there are many ways to “argue” about the origins of Christmas, but I would argue that there are many MORE ways to use the season to BE THE LIGHT.  To let the Light of Jesus shine into the World. To SERVE HIM as the Magi came to Serve the little boy that would be KING OF KINGS, to SAVE His people. Why would we not use this season beyond a Day?

This article has a lot of good points of argument FOR and AGAINST. If you are AGAINST, then you have every right to sit silent through the dark winter months. You can cringe at every Salvation Army volunteer as they say “Merry Christmas”. You can reject the invitations of family and friends.  You can condemn the few schools left that still teach our kids about “Christmas”. And since “gift giving” is Idolatrous, I suggest you donate all the money you would have spent to a homeless shelter or children’s hospital…

Christmas. It’s NOT about the day, but it is about the story, the spirit, and a servant’s attitude.

By Catie Gustitus
Christian Patriots

3 thoughts on “Christmas: Should you or Should you Not Celebrate it?

  1. We should always and forever celebrate Christmas. It pleases our Lord Jesus and his Father, who is also our Father, in Heaven beyond our imagination when we honor and celebrate his birth, love one another and live in peace on earth.
    Always keep in mind that the only reason anybody would have any doubts about celebrating Christmas is because the evil one introduces questions and doubt into our minds as he, the devil, is constantly looking for ways to separate us from Jesus, our friend and Savior.
    We must never allow the devil a single opportunity under any circumstance to separate us from God, which is what he is always seeking to do.
    Also, keep in mind that although the devil is a powerful evil spirit, he will flee from us when we proclaim that Jesus Christ is our Lord. The devil is a true coward, constantly looking for deceptive ways to separate us from Jesus.

  2. I am with you on that. But, as a researcher, I did discover that our Lord was conceived of the Holy Spirit on or around December 25th – and then born on or around September 29th. How like our Lord to take aim at the pagan gods of this world – with His conception taking place on what was practiced as the birth of the Sun god. I also discovered, that ancient Jews always considered a baby to be nine months old at birth. So, as long as sheeple keep their focus on Christ – and not on Santa – I do not believe there is anything wrong with lauding the anniversary of His earthly arrival.
    He knows where our hearts are. But it is interesting to note – that everything Christ did in the flesh is directly correlated with the Old Testament feasts.

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