Here Come the Cronies – Buffett and Blackstone President Launch $33,400 a Plate Hillary Clinton Fundraiser


All you need to know about Warren Buffett can be gleaned from this one sentence he uttered in a Bloomberg interview earlier this year:

Clinton has a vision for America that’s very similar to mine.

Indeed, and that vision is one of crony capitalism and oligarchy. Two things both Buffett and Hillary have a long history of supporting.

As such, he’s busying running a $33,400 a plate fundraiser for this faux populist, along with the President of private equity giant Blackstone. Blackstone, of course, is one of the firms that benefited most from the Obama administration’s banker bailouts, by quickly buying up all the foreclosed homes only to turn around rent them right back to the peasants who were evicted. Here are a few articles on the topic to get caught up.

Written by Michael Krieger
Full report at Liberty Blitzkrieg

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