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Starting December 8, 2015, join Flock of Goats Preparedness live every Tuesday at 8 PM EST/ 6 PM MT.  To listen to the show, tune in at Christian Patriots or listen via phone. The Call-in Line to listen is (646) 668-8952, if you have question and wish to go on the show Press #1, this indicates you are wanting to speak.

Coming to you from an organic farm in the Rocky Mountains. Shepherdess Celeste stares down global issues that prevent you from mindful living.

Are you frustrated with an over-processed lifestyle? Are you ready
for abundance? Do you long for simpler days?

Did you know that you have 200 opportunities a day to nurture your unique physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self? In your
lifetime that is over 6 million occasions to improve yourself, family,
and the world!

*Learn easy DIY steps that result in a life of freedom and purity.
*Create a grounding environment of abundance, joy, and love in
austere times.
*Hear the wisdom of biblical and time-honored principles on
*Sow seeds of God’s provision and loving kindness to a hurting world
*Regain your freedom by learning the tools to communicate your
vision to community and political servants
*Empower yourself to live successfully in the new global paradigm as you develop heritage skills almost forgotten.

Shepherdess Celeste invites you to join her at her mountain retreat to learn the simple skills and joys of freedom, health, good food, small farming, and property ownership in America.

Embark on your journey into DIY! Bless your health, family and friends with the fruit of your success.

Learning the craft of preparedness:
*Situational Awareness

Off-Grid living made easy! Dynamic guests, articles, how-to guides,
blog, and more…

*Living in spiritual purity
*Achieve a joyful, happy, mindful life
*Raising animals
*Make money from your farm
*Depression Cooking
*Make your own pure pure medicine with no synthetics or preservatives
*Living outside the beast system
*Preserve your harvest and seeds
*How to get your voice heard
*Learn about the truth about the ‘system’
*Regulations and how they impact you

Remember, even the poorest and most hidden of your skills shall shine forth in the days of trouble.

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From the Rocky Mountain trenches

By Celeste
Christian Patriots

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