Totalitarian end game is here: New York Times calls for nationwide gun confiscation from law-abiding Americans


(NaturalNews) It is now obvious to nearly everyone that the leftist mainstream media is actively working on the same team as ISIS. Not only has this media — the NYT, CNN, WashPost, etc. — deliberately covered up the real threat of ISIS and radical Islam in America; it is now demanding that all Americans be disarmed so that ISIS terrorists will meet no armed citizens whatsoever as they escalate their terrorism and mass murder across America.

CNN, for example, blacked out any mention of the word “Muslim” when covering the breaking news of the San Bernardino shooting. Every leftist media outlet in the nation has demanded the continuation of the absurd national policy of wholly unprotected borders that allow terrorists to easily enter the country. And now the New York Times is directly calling for the nationwide, government-run confiscation of firearms from all Americans.

The leftist media tag-teams with ISIS to destroy America

The leftist media — much like ISIS itself — has now become the direct enemy of the American people. Have no illusions of what the New York Times is now calling for: Squads of jack-booted government thugs going door to door, raiding private homes and demanding people surrender their firearms and thereby make themselves completely vulnerable to home robberies, violent crime and terrorism at their doorstep.

This gun confiscation effort, of course, must be carried out at gunpoint, unambiguously demonstrating that gun control isn’t about eliminating all the guns in America; it’s about monopolizing all the guns in the hands of the government… the same government that uses the IRS as a political weapon to terrorize conservative groups… the same government that prosecutes natural healers and alternative cancer doctors who save lives… the same government that demands all your children be vaccinated or injected with chemotherapy even without parental consent and in complete violation of not just the Geneva Convention, but the core principles of human rights.

The New York Times, in publishing this call for nationwide gun confiscation, is now calling for the very same monopolization of weapons in the hands of government that we see in countries like North Korea. A totalitarian society, the NYT ridiculous argues, is a “safe” society.

Does the NYT honestly believe radical ISIS terrorists will turn in their guns?

And yet, even if ever law-abiding citizen in America turns in their guns (or has them taken away at gunpoint by government thugs), does anyone believe ISIS terrorists will voluntarily turn in their guns, too?

Of course they won’t.

How about violent criminals? Rapists? Muggers? Robbers? Carjackers? Kidnappers? Property thieves? Are they going to turn in all their guns, too, for the “good of society” as ridiculously demanded by the NYT?

Of course not.

Even more importantly, if the Obama administration were to actually call for nationwide gun confiscation, it would set off a mass citizens’ revolt rooted in nationwide non-compliance and very likely an armed citizens’ response against any member of law enforcement stupid enough to go busting in doors demanding everybody’s guns.

Mark my words: Gun confiscation is the tipping point for Civil War in America. While a few silly, obedient liberals who live in cities might be convinced to turn in their guns, rural America will simply not obey such unconstitutional, tyrannical demands by a criminal government regime.

The New York Times has chosen sides… and it’s siding with ISIS

That the New York Times believes in such illegal behavior by the government regime currently in office is absolute proof of just how great a threat the NYT is to the freedoms and public safety of this nation. It also reveals exactly what the radical leftist media has had planned all along… this isn’t “gun control”; it’s “gun confiscation.”

And it’s not just about the rifles, either. If they get away with coming for the rifles, they’ll come after the handguns next. And then the knives and machetes, too, as we’ve witnessed in the UK. Any citizenry that surrenders a little freedom in exchange for a little security loses both (and deserves neither).

The more people ISIS kills, the more the NYT wants to punish Americans

At another level, the idea that legal gun owners across America are to blame for the actions of ISIS terrorists is simply asinine. The argument of the NYT is that regardless of the motives for the terrorists in San Bernardino, all gun owners in America must now be criminalized and jailed unless they surrender their rifles to the federal government.

Such a truly insane, delusional argument can only come from the radical left… the same left that runs the New York Times and seeks to enslave the entire nation under socialism, communism and totalitarianism.

America’s answer to the New York Times on this issue will, of course, be something along the lines of “Come and take it!”

Written by Mike Adams
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