Chinese Army Training On US Soil Confirmed Once Again! Is This Next Move Towards Gun Confiscation And China At Head Of Global Economy?

Chinese Army Training On US Soil Confirmed! Is This Next Move Towards Gun Confiscation And China At Head Of Global Economy? Final Push Towards ‘United Socialist States Of Amerika’!  


Despite the fact that the US and China recently went through great tensions with the US Navy sending a warship to the South China Seas and China warning of repercussions, these two recent stories from The News Tribune and Defense News give us a small peak into what is really going on on the international front and in America. We also take a look below at a new Canadian/Chinese gold coin coming for 2016 that leads us to ask if this is a signal for the coming gold-backed yuan that will join or take the place of the US dollar as the newest world’s reserve currency?

The Defense News story tells us that, despite tensions, a US warship just began a week-long port call in China as the USS Stethem, a guided missile destroyer, arrived in China and would be doing drills alongside the People’s Liberation Army Navy of China including communications exercises and rescue simulations. This is happening while World War 3 was potentially on the table but averted just weeks ago. If you’re thinking something doesn’t sound quite ‘right’ about this, you’re not the only one and for very good reason as explained in more detail below. 


The News Tribune story tells us that allegedly for the first time ever, Chinese troops will be training on US soilalongside US troops at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington state. Why would US Army troops be training with Chinese Army troops on US soil when just weeks ago, it seemed like all hell might break loose between the two countries on the World War 3 front? Is all of this information more proof that something else is going on behind the scenes that the American people do not know about? 

ANP has previously reported that Chinese troops would be used in America to confiscate Americans guns once the global economic collapse happened and one of the likely reasons that they would be on US soil would be to ‘collect their spoils’. 

With the Tribune story telling us the ‘troops are all smiles, but mindful of revealing too much’ we have to ask, what are they concerned about revealing? Gary Franchi of the Next News Network tells us about these joint China/US Naval drills in the video below while below video, we take a look at the international emergency that is unfolding as parts of Europe are put under martial law and the internet is censored. Is France’s internet being censored a ‘canary in the coal mine’ warning us of what may soon be coming to America?

Is China close to taking the world’s reserve currency away from the US dollar? Take a look at the interesting joint Canadian Chinese gold coin set called the Maplegram8. Is this another sign that China is about to take the next step? 

Admired by investors throughout the world, the Royal Canadian Mint’s Gold Maple Leaf (GML) coins are struck with the distinct Canadian Maple Leaf design and are unsurpassed in quality.

As a unique celebration of Canada’s Chinese community and its culture, the Royal Canadian Mint is proud to launch Maplegram8TM. This special edition features 8 GML coins enclosed in a divisible blister and showcased together in one elegant sleeve. Each coin weighs 1g of 99.99% fine gold and has a distinct serial number, with the assay certificate on the sleeve to certify the purity and weight.

While the number ‘8’ carries a special significance, the custom packaging’s colours are also inspired by traditional Chinese symbolism: red is the symbol of auspiciousness; yellow/gold is the imperial colour and a symbol of supreme dignity. Together, they offer a timeless blessing of good fortune, joy and success.


In the meantime, China is also attempting to censor OUR internet as the Wall Street Journal tells us in this story. Does America really need Chinese-style censorship of our internet? Do we really need Chinese soldiers on US soil training to do something they’d rather not talk about? 

In the next video below we learn that in response to the Paris attacks of last week, France has now moved to censor the internet as also shared in this story from Tech Dirt. Why is France so eager to censor free speech on the internet and is France just a ‘beta test’ of what the globalists plan for the rest of Europe and America? 

In the next video below we learn that France has extended its state of emergency for 3 more months and we’re told that we may see more of a ‘clamping down’ there – a model for what may soon be coming to America aka the ‘United Socialist States Of Amerika’.

Written by Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline

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