TWO DAYS before Paris attacks, leading voice in alternative media openly warned about Syrian refugees functioning as occupying enemy forces to be ‘activated’ to assault European cities

(NaturalNews) It sucks to be right about such tragic events, but we in the alternative media openly warned about European refugees being “activated” to carry out massacre attacks days before it actually took place.
In an interview that some are now calling “prophetic,” I warned about this precise scenario during an interview with James White on Red List News which aired on November 10, two days before the Paris terrorist attacks carried out by people who entered Europe as “refugees.”

Here’s a partial transcript from that interview (starting from around the [13:25] mark):

Mike Adams: In terms of the biggest issue that’s impact us, I think we really have to look at this illegal immigration issue globally. Countries are being overrun. This is an invasion at this point, especially in Europe. What’s happening is an invasion. And what’s happening in the United States is also an invasion. And it’s not people wanting to come to America and assimilate and become part of the culture. It’s them wanting to overrun the nation and change it to be their culture… which, let’s face it, is a despotic, failed system of socialism. That’s what they’re usually escaping, you know, totalitarianism, that’s what they’re escaping. And if they don’t assimilate into America, then they’re going to recreate the same societal hell that they just left.

And then there’s also the question, why is it only young men that are fleeing in Europe? All the photos of the migrants are young men… men that happened to be military-aged men. And we’re told that they’re fleeing Syria, for example, because of the war there. Well wait a minute. Did they leave behind all the women and children and run away? Are these the cowards of Syria who want to collect free entitlements from Germany, for example? Why didn’t the men stay home and fight for their families? Why aren’t we seeing women and children migrants coming across in large numbers?

I think there’s a very real possibility, James, that in Europe especially, this is a planned, boots-on-the-ground occupation of Europe with an activation date at some point in the future where all these young men will be activated, they will pick up rifles or weapons or whatever they can find, and they will overrun the nations of Europe with their belief system.

James White: Well it’s uncanny, Mike, because when I was on the Commonsense Show doing the news report this previous week, I mentioned the very same thing about here in the United States as well. I think that we are basically being surrounded. I mean, there’s a lot of these immigrants that are coming across who as you stated, accurately, are military aged, they’re coming across in droves, and I submit to you that they are “sleeper cell” type of…

Mike Adams: That’s the term. 

James White: Like you said, and I said almost verbatim what you just stated. There’s going to come a point in time, and I don’t know when that is, but they’re all going to be activated. And now, here in America, as long as we still have firearms, they’re not going to get very far, certainly in Texas… or in Montana… [but] in some places, they’re just going to roll right over the entire population. You’re onto something, that’s something that really does concern me.

Mike Adams: Remember that across Europe, the act of self defense has been criminalized. In the UK, for example, you’re not allowed to fight back against a home invasion… a robber, a rapist…. you get arrested if you fight back. And so most of Europe has been completely disarmed, meaning that this invasion can be highly successful and they don’t even need firearms. These young men could pick up hatchets and machetes and actually overrun Europe. Literally there’s almost no defense in European cities against this kind of invasion.

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Written by Mike Adams
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