After Paris, ISIS attacks coming to America next… will you be trapped in a ‘gun-free zone’ with no self defense?


(NaturalNews) While the mainstream media and President Obama pretended radicalized Muslims were warm, fuzzy refugees that we should welcome with open arms, the alternative media has been steadily warning about the precise scenario we just saw unfold in Paris.

Across the independent media — on sites like The Commonsense Show and All News Pipeline — warnings have been repeatedly aired about the “refugees” actually being military operatives who have been ordered to occupy western nations like France, Germany and the United States.

Two days before the Paris attacks, I openly predicted exactly what would happen during an interview with Red List News, saying “this is a planned, boots-on-the-ground occupation of Europe with an activation date at some point in the future where all these young men will be activated, they will pick up rifles or weapons or whatever they can find, and they will overrun the nations of Europe…”

At the time I said it, this statement seemed to many people to be nothing but hot air or even paranoia. Two days later, it became European history (and a massive “wake up call” for naive citizens everywhere who have been living in denial of reality).

Now the same people who accurately predicted the bloodbath in Paris are warning about what’s going to happen next

Now, the leaders of the independent media (new media) are warning about what’s coming next: An ISIS attack wave in the United States.

As I explain in the special reports shown below, ISIS is planning to carry out a coordinated, multi-layered attack on America to accomplish two things:

1) To psychologically terrorize the nation with a high body count and gruesome deaths.

2) To cripple key U.S. infrastructure such as oil refineries, nuclear power plants, water distribution plants and railways.

Presently, the FBI is tracking nearly 1,000 ISIS groups operating in the United States. There is no question that ISIS operatives hate western culture (almost as much as Obama himself) and everything America stands for. To them, every casualty is a victory. Every act of destruction is divine redemption. They are willing, determined and armed with explosive vests, and there is nothing that can stop them once they are inside our borders. (Hence the total lunacy of open borders.)

Where will you be when the ISIS attack wave begins?

When the attacks begin, will you find yourself disarmed and defenseless because you live in a “gun free city” like Chicago?

As I state in these breaking news reports below, if you are currently living in a gun restriction zone (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc.), your political leaders have taken away your right to defend yourself against the very same kind of ISIS executions that just took place in Paris.

Will you kneel on your knees, disarmed and obedient, while ISIS executes you and your loved ones with slow, methodical certainty? Or will you exercise your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms?

People like California Gov. Jerry Brown and U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hope you sit there and DIE rather than fight back. They don’t want citizens to be armed, because those same armed citizens might one day overthrow a tyrannical, totalitarian government that rises up in America, too!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants you to be armed so that you can defend yourself. ISIS operatives were already slaughtered in Garland, Texas, before they could even pull off their mass murder attempt. Any attempt at terrorism in places like Texas will be met with a wave of armed citizens opening fire on the terrorists.

Listen to my breaking news reports for more details:

Written by Mike Adams
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