Civil War Is Inevitable


As previously covered on The Common Sense Show, there are secret UN locations all across America with stockpiles of the traditional UN white vehicles, millions of body bags, as well as permanent and impromptu detention facilities that are prepared for the coming Civil War. This is not a case of abject paranoia, but a matter of simple common sense. There is something terribly wrong inside of America.

The prima fascia evidence of an impending UN takeover resulting in an inevitable UN takeover is embedded within the UN Small Arms treaty. History demonstrates that it is common practice to disarm those, in advance, who are the targets of a planned genocide.

Take a good hard look, America, at what is going on around you.


Government Officials, Not the People Are Inciting the Coming Civil War

"Patriots are the enemy".

When Vice President Joseph Biden spoke to the AFL-CIO referred to patriotic Americans as “barbarians at the gate” and called upon all union thugs to “stand up” against American taxpayers who have been Taxed Enough Already.


Carving Up the Military Like a Thanksgiving Turkey

The former commander of AFRICOM who tried to rescue Chris Stevens as part of a military coup to expose the administration's involvement in gun running to terrorist to promote regime change through drug and child sex trafficking. He was fired by Obama.

The primary defense of the American people from a tyrannical government is a military who will not obey the unconstitutional orders from an out of control President. However, Obama is purging the military like no president has ever done. Bush fired two Generals. Obama has fired hundreds of command level officers. Why? Because the military leadership is the key to the coming civil war. Who will the military support? Will the military support an out of control administration who would use foreign military assets against the people? Or, will they support the people that they are sworn to defend?

Obama has the Russians and the Chinese military coming into the country because our military cannot be trusted to do what needs to be done when the economic crash occurs. They are needed to confiscate the guns. Obama knows that the military is conditioned to protect the people. He is hoping that he can change the entire structure of the military and thus, change its mission through changing its leadership.

I personally do not think Obama can change the rank and file of the military. I think he can only have a minimal effect on the leadership of the military. If Obama’s purge of the military is anything but for the purpose of commandeering its services for the upcoming civil war, I would really like to hear another explanation, because, for the life of me, I cannot see another purpose to Obama’s house cleaning of the military. .

The People Are Being Pushed to the Brink: Raping People of Their Assets Prior to the Crackdown

In a recently proposed resolution, House Resolution 488, Congress states point blank that Social Security “was never intended by Congress to be the sole source of retirement income for families.”

The official 2015 annual report of the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees is telling the American people that their Social Security is about to be stolen right out from underneath them.

“Social Security as a whole as well as Medicare cannot sustain projected long-run program costs…”, and that the government should be “giving the public adequate time to prepare.”

As previously documented on The Common Sense Show, there are almost 100 million American of working age who are not employed on a fulltime basis. As both John Williams of Shadow Stats and Joseph Meyer of Straight Money Analysis have said The Common Sense Show radio program, the number of full-time working Americans.


These real numbers tell the truth.

Please look at the dates on the Shadow Stats chart. The economy has been in freefall for quite sometime.


Did I forget to mention that one in six Americans are on food stamps?

No Housing Shortage for Dissidents

Work has been considered by some to be kind of a home away from proposition.

Last summer, The Common Sense Show, spent an inordinate amount of time documenting the supplement, impromptu facilities being constructed in such a manner that they could be converted to FEMA camps.

The conditioning of the sheep.

We are entering a dangerous period of time for Christians, one in which we will see the metaphorical feeding of the Christians to the Lions.

This photo is what started the controversy of guard towers being needlessly built on public structures. From the air, the guard towers stick out like a sore thumb.

Schools constructed in a prison design are appearing all over the country.

The American Gestapo Is Armed for Civil War

DHS and every other federal agency has been acquiring billions of rounds of ammunition. Are we sending DHS to Afghanistan, or are the American people going to be the target in an unavoidable civil war. I know there are some who will want to argue with the assertions in this article. Therefore, I thought I would provide some more photos that the cognitive dissonance crowd can argue with.

You are the terrorist and DHS has been practicing.

DHS bullet proof checkpoint. "Papers Please"


Who are the massive amounts of DHS acquired bullets for?


Jade Helm Forces Have Been Deployed and Are Awaiting Orders

People have written to me and asked me what has happened to Jade Helm. The Jade Helm deployment of men and material is complete.

 Ft. Lauderdale dissident extraction drill executed on March 27, 2015. These images should haunt all Americans.

jade helm big springs


Hank Brown's photos of continuing Jade Helm military movements AFTER the 9/15 end date. The photos were taken in Louisiana.


Citizen discontent over Jade Helm.



In isolation, maybe these factors don’t warrant the conclusion that a civil war is inevitable. However, when these factors are considered in unison, it is apparent that the coming civil war is at the doorstep of America.

Do these images belong in a free society? Or should we all be a little concerned?


Written by David Hodges – The Common Sense Show

NOTE: Special permission given by David Hodges allows us to submit his articles in their entirety on CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS.ORG



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