On Saturday, November 7 at 6:00pm at The Dwelling Place 8119 E Washington St Indianapolis, IN 46219, Speakers from FIVE different denominations call the People Of God. 

This event, this CALLING THE TRUE CHURCH is the birth of the Great Revival. 

Arrive prepared. Come prepared with prayer and spend as much time in God’s Word as possible before the event. The people in this meeting are ordained of God to be in the birth of the Great Revival. 

To keep all costs down we will not be passing papers out. Bring your Bible and notebook. Be sure to watch the video below to be aware of what will be happening that night.

The event if free. A love offering will be taken.

HOTELS: Hotels near the event are listed on the website 1 True Church

A luxury bus from Louisville to Indianapolis is being offered for $24.00 round trip! Contact Emmett Graft 502-974-6525 for details.
**If you would like to coordinate a bus from your area please let us know.


Pleasee visit 1 True Church for more information.

Please visit Calling The True Church Facebook Event Page

Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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