The Perpetual Avalanche of Tyranny


We here at Christian Patriots pride ourselves in the simplicity that our founding fathers had as they outline the constitution and understanding our God-given rights. Paralleled and given precedents to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the intentions of creation, we know that natural law and God’s law permit men to be free to flourish. As we see the increasing levels of tyranny across the United States we have come to observe here in our home town of Batavia, New York, a snapshot of how this progressive beast has evolved in our government from the lowest levels to Washington itself. We feel very strongly about the complacent attitude that people have taken in regards to their involvement with the government and being diligent citizens, not only of this country but of God’s kingdom upholding the responsibilities and expectations that have been placed on us as we have been empowered by the Holy Spirit. With the following story I would like to show the importance of our diligence in regards to standing for these principles in the costs, both literally and figuratively, that we will pay if we do not.

On October 29th 2015 at approximately [12:28] a police officer placed a City of Batavia parking ticket on my mother-in-law’s vehicle which was parked in our driveway/ lawn with a for sale sign. Upon being notified by my wife of the ticket I was, to say the least, aggravated. As I read through the ticket and saw the checkmark in the little box with some fancy numbers representing a violation of an ordinance code, my eyes scroll to the right to see the “crime” that was committed: yard parking. Yard parking. I thought to myself, “Are you kidding me?” We live in a country where you can make an appointment to slaughter your unborn but you can’t park your vehicle on the grass? Even more disturbing is that no one bats an eye to either of these occurrences.


Immediately I read the ticket thoroughly and on the bottom section there is a notice that in order to plead not guilty and you must appear in person at the city court with the address label and instructions that must be met within 10 days of the issuing of the ticket. While extremely aggravated, the reality is most people are not aware of the rights that are secured for them (including the courts and those who work in them) so I decided to appear in person as directed in hopes to converse with a judge about what it means to be secure in a person’s papers and effects as outlined in the fourth amendment.


Needless to say when I got to the court house my attempts were unfruitful as I was told I would need to fill out a City of Batavia police department parking violation deposition form which, might I add, was in variance to the instructions given on the original ticket. Now under those pretenses I would make the argument that the document is null and void, but that’s for another day. This is the part that if you’re still reading is about to get very interesting!

As I woke up on the morning of October 30, 2015, I decided to continue researching this parking ticket and what I find is very disturbing in a perfect reality of how tyranny works and corruption grows. Looking at the ticket we can see in bold lettering defiance is $25. If it is not paid within 10 calendar days, then the fine will double to $50, which in and of itself is pretty intimidating for those living on a day-to-day budget already under the thumb of the man. This ladies and gentlemen is called oppression, especially if you understand what it means to be free. But what is even more disturbing than this is when I went on the Genesee County website and began to research what exactly it was that I was in violation of. In going through the ordinances, this is what I found.

As you can see in the city ordinances outline above (which once again I might add are unconstitutional), it clearly says that any violation of this ordinances in the penalty shall not exceed that of $10. This is in contrast to the $25 and potentially $50 fine you can face if you do not succumb to their extortion, which was left on the vehicle on my lawn. When I saw this I just about exploded! Think of everybody in the city of Batavia who has received a parking ticket for parking on their lawn. The corruptive initial laws of charging you $10 just is not enough, so they decide to jack up the fine because they know that most people are too stupid to even realize the laws that are on the books and that they can do their research. Now I can tell you from past times when I have been pulled over or engaged in police contact (which in the spirit of honesty, I might add, I was wrong most of those times and deserved the penalty I got) there’s a famous saying that is always spouted, usually in a condescending way, which is “ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

So I would like to ask those who enforce these laws and those collecting the money, if ignorance cannot be my excuse, then what is yours? You have refused to adhere to the law, not only constitutionally but to law which was penned by your own hand. What is the account that you will give to every resident in the city of Batavia that you have charged and overcharged unlawfully even in accordance to your own laws?!


Now, I’m not a big mathematician and, quite frankly, it is my worst subject, but think of how many thousands of dollars have been stolen right out of the peoples’ pocket and right underneath her nose no less. I am giving the benefit of the doubt here because the fine for parking on your own driveway/lawn is unacceptable, but let’s say a hundred people have gotten tickets in the past six months which I think this is a fair number to speculate with.

100×25=2500 vs. 100×10=1000 vs. 100×0=0 (The last equation for those who understand freedom).

Are you getting angry yet? Are you upset? If not you should be. This is how tyranny grows and these are the circumstances in which it is planted and nurtured by our ignorance. Scriptures tell us that my people perish for lack of knowledge. We really need to get this and understand this….

Chris Connelly
Christian Patriots

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