Breaking: Radioactive Landfill Leaking Hazardous Waste

Reporters ordered to fall back as leak spills 11 thousand gallons of toxic material

Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo is on the scene in St. Louis as thousands of gallons of potentially hazardous waste leak from a radioactive landfill.

According to sources on the ground, the radioactive West Lake landfill is currently experiencing a 10 to 11 thousand gallon leachate leak after a break in a force main.

“Leachate is very toxic, it’s from the landfill, it’s created from the burning superfund materials and garbage…” said Dawn Chapman, a local environmental activist.

Reporters were forced to flee the area after the toxic fumes began causing respiratory distress among those around the site.

The landfill has been an area of controversy given its role as an illegal dumping ground for uranium during the Manhattan Project.


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