New York’s Highest Court Reverses Mother’s Conviction, Says Law Doesn’t Consider Unborn as People

Photo Credit: Tracy Collins
ALBANY — The highest court in New York has overturned the conviction of a woman who was charged with manslaughter after her unborn child died due to injuries sustained in a drug and alcohol-influenced accident, stating that the law doesn’t consider the unborn as people.

In 2008, Jennifer Jorgensen, then eight months pregnant, crossed into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle head-on, killing couple Robert and Mary Kelly and injuring herself. Doctors decided to perform a C-section to save Jorgensen’s baby, who showed signs of distress, but the child died six days later from his or her injuries.

Prosecutors stated that Jorgensen was under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol at the time of the accident, was speeding and was not wearing a seat belt. Therefore, they sought to hold her responsible for the fatal crash.

Written by Heather Clark
Full report at Christian News

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