High School Bans “Racist” Patriotic Clothing, Pro-Trump Gear

“…If you wear red, white or blue to the [football] game you will not be admitted to the stadium.”

A high school is banning pro-Donald Trump and patriotic clothing at an upcoming football game because the clothing is “racist.”

School officials at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Ariz., also rejected the planned “USA” theme at the game because of its “negative connotations.”

“The theme was changed to ‘Orange Out’ after the administration decided it was best to avoid any possible offensive connotations the theme would have,” the student newspaper stated on Thursday, a statement which has since been deleted. “…Students dressed inappropriately will not be admitted.”

“It is the unfortunate truth that if you wear red, white or blue to the game you will not be admitted to the stadium.”

The newspaper staff was asked what else was on the banned clothing list, and they responded by stating “anything perceived to be offensive/racist: green, USA, flags, Trump, etc. It’s not the clothing, but the intent behind it.”

The tweet was quickly deleted but the newspaper later told students who had a problem with the policy to “grow up.”

A South Carolina high school similarly ordered a student to remove an “offensive” U.S. flag from his truck in May because “some people were complaining.”

A school official at York Comprehensive H.S. had even unbolted the flag from 18-year-old Peyton Robinson’s truck and laid it down in the truck bed, which is disrespectful to not only the flag but also the student’s property.

The school later reversed its anti-U.S. flag policy amid intense public backlash.

“Due to the outstanding display of patriotism through peaceful demonstration, it is apparent to us that many are not happy about this policy,” the school district posted on its website. “School officials have reviewed the standing policy regarding flags and have decided that an exception will be made for the American flag, as long as the size of the flag(s) does not create a driving hazard.”

Written by Kit Daniels

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