‘Migrant Terror’ Affecting Britain’s Truckers

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Over a year into the European migrant crisis, a lorry driver and haulage union representative has warned that morale is at an “all time low” among truckers who are faced with the daily ordeal of navigating the chaos at Calais.

Sean Beatson of the United Road Transport Union, from Dover, said that his members are anxious and effected by migrant deaths at the Channel Tunnel entrance. Their anxiety is caused by the increasingly audacious and dangerous attempts to board their lorries.

“It is not a pleasant thing to be sat in a cab with people running every which way – under the trains, over them and even on them, inches from a 25,000 volt overhead catenary,” he told the Dover Express, which described the daily ordeal as “migrant terror”.

Written by LIAM DEACON
Full report at Breitbart

One thought on “‘Migrant Terror’ Affecting Britain’s Truckers

  1. There is a simple fix to all this.Close Calais from the UK end.
    No ferries, no Eurostar, nothing.
    Kill off Calais as a route into the UK and the problem will move.
    Where to? Who cares.
    Calais is lost and that stupid tunnel needs to be bricked up forever.
    Once Calais face losing everything (and the ferries and trains IS EVERYTHING) the French government will do something about it.
    Would that be expensive? The cost of goods would go up as routes lengthened yet other ports would benefit.
    Would that stop all movement of goods to and from the UK? No.
    Only to do that is going to take leadership that clanks when it walks.
    And that ain’t something that UK politicians possess.

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