Committee Investigating Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts Gets Full Unedited Videos, Here’s One

Planned Parenthood and the staunchest defenders of the abortion company caught selling aborted babies and their body parts have been obstreperous in their claims that the series of 10 videos were “heavily edited” in order to besmirch Planned Parenthood’s reputation. Yesterday, Planned Parenthood made an announcement that it will no longer sell the body parts of aborted babies — but it will still harvest those body parts from victims of abortion and donate them for dubious researchLeading pro-life groups call the move a PR stunt designed to defect negative attention.
Looking to boost its investigation of the abortion giant, a House committee subpoenaed the Center for Medical Progress for all of its unedited footage of Planned Parenthood officials discussing how they sell aborted baby body parts. A federal judge ruled earlier this month that the pro-life group behind the shocking Planned Parenthood videos can provide unreleased video footage to Congress.

Written by Steven Ertelt
Full report at Life News

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