School Suspends Student Over Pro-Veteran Shirt

Eighth-grader refused to remove shirt honoring soldiers killed in action

An Oregon middle school suspended an eighth-grader for wearing a pro-veteran shirt with the phrase “standing for those who stood for us.


Unbelievable: School Suspends Student Over Pro-Veteran Shirt #tcot#2a #tlot

— Kit Daniels (@KitDaniels1776) October 12, 2015

School officials at Dexter McCarty Middle School in Gresham, Ore., demanded Alan Holmes change his shirt which also featured a battlefield cross consisting of a soldier’s rifle stuck into a pair of boots with a helmet on top to show respect for soldiers killed in action.

“They won’t let me wear a shirt that supports the people that keep us free, I’m not going to support them,” Holmes told Fox 12. “I was nervous and kind of heartbroken because I feel like I should be able to support the troops that have died for us.”

The 13-year-old also said he wore the shirt to show support for his older brother who served in Iraq with the Marines.

The school suspended him over his refusal to change the shirt, which officials apparently linked to the recent mass shooting at Umqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., even though the shooter, Chris Mercer,was taking psychiatric drugs that have been linked to violent outbursts.

“Every time there is a mass shooting, the national debate centers around gun control, with any discussion of the link between psychiatric drugs and violent outbursts being relegated to the fringes,” Paul Joseph Watson reported. “As we previously highlighted, Charleston shooter Dylann Roof was reportedly taking a drug – suboxone – that has been linked with sudden outbursts of violence.”

“Virtually every major mass shooter, from Columbine killer Eric Harris, to ‘Batman’ shooter James Holmes, to Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza, was taking some form of SSRI or other pharmaceutical drug at the time of their attack.”

But as Watson mentioned, leftist authoritarians would rather blame guns for mass shootings, even though there’s no correlation between gun ownership, mass shootings and murder rates.

“By looking at the data, I could imagine any number of other factors that might be more likely a determinant of the murder rate than gun ownership,” Ryan McMaken with the Mises Institute pointed out.

Written by Kit Daniels

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