Smuggler caught transporting nearly 40 immigrants crammed into semi trailer

Astonishing lapel cam footage shot by a Texas sheriff’s agency shows the moment dozens of illegal immigrants were rescued from a sweltering semi-trailer truck transporting them through Texas.

“[D]eputies with the Frio County Sheriff’s Department and agents with the U.S. Border Patrol responded to a 911 call from someone who said they saw several people exiting a tractor-trailer parked at a convenience store in Frio County, southwest of San Antonio,” reports KXAS-TV.

“We see hands sticking out of a little rear door on the trailer,” Frio County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jerry Reyna tells NBC DFW.

Inside the trailer, where temperatures soared above 100 degrees, Watauga, Texas, resident Drew Christopher Potter, 33, is suspected of attempting to smuggle 39 illegals, including 28 men, seven women and four children.

The camera is rolling as a truckload of exhausted and dehydrated illegals attempt to exit the trailer.

“Very heartbreaking. The youngest that was in there was a 13-year-old little boy. As soon as he jumped out of the trailer he said, ‘Thank you so much. Thank you for saving us,’” Frio County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Ramirez states.

“There was a little siding in that trailer, where you could tell they were trying to make a hole to get some air,” the deputy adds.

Potter faces charges for conspiracy to commit alien smuggling for financial gain and three counts of transporting illegals, but the Obama administration’s immigration policies and lack of border enforcement have largely been blamed for incentivizing immigrants to come to the US in the first place.

As Infowars has exhaustively documented, theorchestrated immigrant influx has given way to lucrative, illegal business opportunities for smugglers, ruthless individuals driven by greed – not “humanitarianism” – who have no qualms aboutleaving immigrants to die in the hot Texas desert sun.

In the past, we’ve also highlighted how sexual deviant smugglers will often rape and murder migrant women along smuggling routes, and absurdly memorialize their conquests by displaying “rape trees.”

Written by Adan Salazar

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