While nation goes berserk over school shooting in Oregon, over 2100 Americans are killed EVERY DAY by the national health care system… with no outrage

(NaturalNews) It didn’t take long for the usual liberal opportunists to use the occasion of the latest campus shooting in Oregon to exploit it for personal gain. Indeed, the dead had not yet been fully accounted for, but that didn’t stop former CNN host, longtime gun control advocate and current British citizen Piers Morgan to chime in on the carnage.
“45 school shootings in America this year. 0 new gun laws. Now this. SHAMEFUL,” he tweeted.

“a) I’m in England b) The only people crying about guns are of those killed/wounded in Oregon,” he said in another tweet.

“137 school shootings in America since Sandy Hook. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN,” he continued in his opportunistic rant.

“What are you going to do, America? Anything? Or does the slaughter just go on and on and on?” read his next tweet.

Of course, Morgan likely got his figure of 137 from this Wikipedia entry, which, if accurate, includes school-related or campus-related shootings beginning in the 1760s.

But facts don’t matter to liberal gun-grabbers; they never have and they never will. Like Pavlov’s dog, whenever there is a shooting, these usual suspects – almost always liberals or Democrats – bark the same response: “More gun control! More gun control!” They don’t even wait for the victims to be treated or the families to be notified.

Facts are nuisances to gun control addicts

They don’t care, for example, that by the federal government’s own research, such mass shootings in the U.S. are rare.

They don’t care that given the United States’ vast population and ownership of guns per capita, we are nowhere near the top in terms of victims of mass shootings.

They don’t care that, as of this writing, there have been more than 2,320 shooting victims in President Obama’s hometown of Chicago this year alone, or that in all of last year, 2,587 were gunned down in the city – an average of seven murders per day (and that’s just Chicago).

And they certainly don’t care that something like 2,100 Americans a day die from the national health care system, which is notorious for treating symptoms of disease rather than the disease itself.

Where is the outrage over that?

‘Gun-free zone’

We’re not likely to hear any from the usual liberal suspects, of course, because to complain about a national health care system that is now owned by the most socialistic president in the history of the country is just politically taboo. We can’t have an honest discussion about guns because these people don’t want an honest conversation about guns – they want to spew propaganda, meaningless statistics and out-of-context references.

And they certainly don’t want to bring up the fact that, yet again, there has been a mass murder committed in a “gun-free” zone – rules made by people so devoid of common sense and so ideologically compromised they can’t appreciate the concept of self-defense, or grasp that slapping a “No Guns” sign on campus entrances doesn’t really stop people from bringing, and using, guns on campus, if they mean others harm.

What’s more, at Umpqua Community College, where the latest incident occurred, really was a “gun free” zone. As in the lone security guard on campus wasn’t even armed.

As reported by CBS Seattle:

Joe Olson, former president of the college, told The Associated Press the school has only one security officer on duty at a time, and that person isn’t armed.

He says last year, one of the biggest debates on campus was whether the school should have armed security officers. He says the college had three training exercises with local law agencies in the past two years, “but you can never be prepared for something like this.”

Incident ends with good guys wielding guns

Well, actually, there are differing levels of “preparedness,” but certainly having no means on campus to engage an active shooter is the height of stupidity and irresponsibility.

That was noted by Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as the incident came to an end:

The Sheriff of Roseburg, Oregon, in fact, has just confirmed that the shooter was killed by men with guns, proving yet again that “good guys” with guns are capable of stopping “bad guys” with guns. (Concealed carry means “first responders” are citizens who are already on the scene when the shooting starts, ready to defend life and halt the active shooter.)

Psychiatrists say doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result is the epitome of insanity.







Written by J.D Heyes
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