Militarized Oregon police put UCC students into prisoner lockdown formations… Hands behind your head, fingers laced together… Illegal searches of personal backpacks

(NaturalNews) No shooting crisis in America — real, staged or otherwise — ever takes place without law enforcement exploiting the crisis to indoctrinate the local population with police state totalitarianism.
Following the mass shooting at the Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Oregon, students and staffers were treated like violent prison felons, forced into prisoner lockdown formations by heavily armed, militarized law enforcement toting large ammo loads and dressed for combat in Afghanistan.

As the photos reveal here, students and teachers were ordered by police to march in prisoner formation with hands behind their heads, fingers laced together. Police then engaged in illegal, unconstitutional searches of students’ personal belongings, with no search warrant and no evidence of wrongdoing.

The only “crime” of these students was being present. Merely by being present on the same campus as the shooter, they were all treated like suspected criminals and potential terrorists. This is the new police state in America, by the way, accurately described by John W. Whitehead in the outstanding book Battlefield America: The War on the American People.

Look closely at the following photos and ask yourself: Is this still a free country? Why are these innocent students being subjected to military tactics, prisoner lockdowns and illegal searches at gunpoint?


Notice the prisoner lockdown formations: Hands behind your head, fingers laced, legs spread, standing in place, ordered at gunpoint, while the police rifle through all your personal belongings without a warrant.


UCC students are marched in prisoner formation, ordered by militarized police to obey instructions or risk being arrested or shot.


Here are more students surrendering their freedom to local law enforcement even though they’ve done nothing wrong and have committed no crime.


Oregon police officers, like most police, go “full military” by donning the weapons, equipment and uniforms of frontline battle soldiers in Afghanistan. Notice the ridiculous quantities of ammunition on their waist pouches and chest rigs. The cop on the left has a ballistic helmet equipped with a night vision mounting point, plus what looks like a medical pouch on his chest and possibly as many as six rifle mags on his rig. (Notice the dump pouch on his left waist and something else under his left arm that’s suspended from his shoulder… probably more ammo mags.)

The stocky copy in the center of this picture has at least two pistol ammo pouches in addition to whatever rifle ammo mags he’s also carrying. These cops are geared up like they’re about to be air-dropped into Panama on an illegal raid to kidnap Manuel Noriega… No doubt they also have a Pentagon-provided mine-resistant assault vehicle parked in the background somewhere, too.

On one hand, I’m always happy when LEOs do a good job and stop the bad guys, and I’m very happy they did their job here with zero casualties of LEOs. However, do they really need to turn America’s colleges into police state prisoner zones to do their jobs? One lone shooter running around killing people does not justify the destruction of the individual rights and liberties of everyone else.

Oh, and by the way, that silly forest pattern camo gear you’re wearing doesn’t hide you against campus walls and indoor hallways. Next time, try A-TACS urban camo. If you’re gonna play soldier, at least dress for the proper tactical environment instead of showing up looking like you just finished a paintball game in the Oregon forest.

Written by Mike Adams
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