UN Panics Amid Growing Scandal on Child Rape by “Peace” Troops

Photo of UN troops: Marie-Lan Nguyen
Photo of UN troops: Marie-Lan Nguyen

Heads are rolling at the United Nations — sort of, at least among lower-level officials — as a mushrooming scandal involving UN “peacekeeping” troops systematically raping and abusing women and children in Africa continues to expand. At first, top UN leadership tried to keep the abuse under wraps, even firing the official who exposed the initial revelations, Anders Kompass, before having him investigated and escorted from his office under armed guard. Now, with a global outcry growing too loud to ignore, the UN has started taking some action — an “investigation” here, a resignation there, and so on. But critics say it is not even close to enough and smacks of an effort to sacrifice low-level minions to protect UN bosses — up to and including Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

The latest round of fresh accusations, against the so-called blue helmets serving in the Central African Republic with the UN “Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission” (MINUSCA), surfaced on August 19. The newest allegations involve three females, including a minor, who were raped by UN troops. Those charges came just a week after similar rape cases, along with the murder of a 16-year-old boy and his father, were revealed the week before by Amnesty International. And those charges came after multiple previous rounds of UN and foreign “peace” troops being exposed ruthlessly abusing civilians, and especially young boys and girls, in the Central African Republic and beyond.

But perhaps the most serious scandal facing the UN at the moment — after all, UN troops have been exposed raping and terrorizing women and children in UN-occupied nations all over the world — involves its handling of the latest horrors. UN leadership’s attacks on UN human-rights official Kompass for initially blowing the lid off child rape by “peace” forces, for example, drew global condemnation and made headlines all over the world. Documents leaked by Code Blue later exposed the highest levels of UN leadership at a meeting in Turin, Italy, conspiring to destroy Kompass rather than rein in child-raping “peace” troops or protect the children.

Now, facing outrage even from many of its traditional allies, the UN is scrambling to save face. In a statement released by UN boss Ban’s spokesman, Stéphane Dujarric, the secretary-general “stressed that zero tolerance means zero complacency and zero impunity and that when allegations are substantiated, all personnel — whether military, police or civilians — must be held accountable.” Ban, who said he was “deeply disturbed,” also expressed his “resolve” to “help the affected individuals” and “preserve the integrity of the UN flag [sic].” To that end, two relatively low-level UN officials have resigned so far; Flavia Pansieri, the “deputy high commissioner for human rights,” resigned “for health reasons,” while the UN peacekeeping mission chief for the Central African Republic, Babacar Gaye of Senegal, resigned last week amid the mushrooming rape scandals.

Watchdogs were not impressed by the minor sacrifice. Government Accountability Project Executive Director Bea Edwards, for instance, said the UN hierarchy was responding “as if the issue were a diplomatic crisis rather than a series of crimes.” “Simply selecting a dispensable diplomat from somewhere in the ranks to show the world that the UN is serious about prohibiting rape is both inappropriate and unconvincing,” she said. “In fact, to be blunt, it’s ridiculous. This latest resignation reveals just how out of touch the Secretariat is about violent crime.” Edwards also said the UN must allow the governments involved to “investigate criminal allegations without interference.” And that means legal immunity for UN staff must be waived in these cases, she added.

Written by Alex Newman
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