Miracle Triplets Celebrate Their First Birthday After Mom’s Doctor Told Her to Abort Two of Them

In England, a woman who refused abortion is getting ready to celebrate her triplets first birthday. In 2014, Liz Brewer was told that it was unlikely that her babies would survive unless she killed two of them to save the other. This practice is known as “selective reduction” and is common when women conceive through in vitro fertilization. However, Liz conceived naturally after suffering two miscarriages. Brewer gave birth to twins a few years before her pregnancy with triplets but one of them died 16 days after birth.

As LifeNews previously reported,the general technique used for selective reduction is plunging a needle filled with potassium chloride into the heart of the targeted baby. Soon after the chemical enters the baby’s heart, the baby ceases to move and her heart stops. This type of abortion is performed 9 to 13 weeks into pregnancy to make sure the dead babies’ bodies dissolve and in some cases, the baby moves around before dying.

Written by SARAH ZAGORSKI- Life News
Full report at Life News

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