Will the US Create a Color Revolution in Russia?

For decades, Russia has been the most wily foe of the US Government. The imperialists in DC have never been able to completely subdue them. Even after the Soviet Union fell, and the Russian Federation emerged to find itself running a backward and destitute nation, Western interests still failed to bring them in line with their world order.

The best they can do is encircle the Russians with missiles and military bases, but at the end of the day, you can’t use brute force to topple a nuclear armed government. On the other hand though, our government may be able bring the Putin regime down from within.

Written by Joshua Krause
Full report at The Daily Sheeple

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2 thoughts on “Will the US Create a Color Revolution in Russia?

  1. Maybe Soros won’t have to work so hard now. (Smile) The truth is World War II made the world safe for Communism. In an aggressive and systematic agenda for the US takeover since the 1940s, Russian troops and armaments are already pre-positioned in the US. Overtly, Putin claims he’s anti-communist but the communbist infiltration has never stopped since World War II. Homeland Security Head Primakov was the former head of the KGB and HS’s Markus Wolfe was the STASI head in East Germany. The new foreign-rpuvatized prisons are staffed by members of this same ilk. When will Americans wake up? The American taxpayers work very hard to pay for this “security.” More at http://www.CulturalGenocide.Wordpress.com

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