Who’s Killing Off Our Naturopathic Doctors? I’ll Let You Guess

Naturopathic doctors are dropping like flies.
Death is part of life. It happens everyday, everywhere, in every manner. Multiple deaths of people associated with the same line of work is generally not enough to raise alarm bells in my book. When you see cluster deaths in high level professions or those in a field of work that bucks the system, challenge the status quo or threaten the fat cats of billion dollar corporations, then you may want to sit up and take notice.

Conspiracies, coincidences? How about, just the facts ma’am. Take note of these, now dead, prominent scientists and some of the controversial research they were working on.
Not convinced? Ok, let’s peek at the number of bizarre deaths of high level international bankerswho seem to have a knack for accidentlyj umping out of windows in the middle of the day. Some of them in their 20’s and 30’s to boot.

Well, now we have a new category of cluster deathstaking shape. Dead Alternative Health Care Doctors.That’s right! Dead health care professionals. Why Doctors you ask? Let me explain: These are not just doctors. This new string of relatively young healthy, now dead, doctors make a living without the use of BIG PHARMA! That’s right. No pharmaceuticals which means no profit for the drug companies. Makes for interesting conversation when discussing  the latest trend in cluster deaths. Keep your eyes open for healthy (after all these people specialize in optimal wellness) holistic/naturopathic physicians dying of self inflicted gun shot wounds to the chest while taking amidnight dip in the local river. Yes! You heard that right. Or maybe just sitting in their  car and suddenly just dying with little or no detail as to the death.
But that’s not the best part! Two of the three doctors had run ins with the FDA recently. Imagine my surprise to find this gem. The FDA. That big bad boogie man federal agency that plays school yard bully for the Big Fat Cat drug companies.

So, make sure you’re following the latest cluster death trend of status quo busters like your friendly neighborhood holistic doctor because you never know when that bottle of Vitamin C or herbal tincture might threaten the lives of tens of thousands of people each year like these do.

Katy Whelan is the Health Reporter for The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges.

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